What Is This Google PageRank Nonsense, Anyway?

LoserI thought it was some kind a achievement that according to SiteMeter the total number of page views of this site reached 100,000 today. I guess I should also be pleased that this site now has a Google PageRank of 4, which apparently isn’t too bad.

Shortly after discovering all of this, though, I saw this post on The Boys Blog (which I am sure does not recognize this site’s existence, and probably for good reason) that it surpassed 200,000 page views during the month of March alone! Here is part of that post:

We’re the biggest, non-network-affiliated NFL team blog in the American blogosphere. We’re steadily growing. March was our biggest month, with over 111,000 visitors and 210,000 page views.

So despite knowing that I do not have anywhere close to the number of visitors as other Cowboys blogs, I nevertheless decided to see exactly how many more we were talking about. Holy cow:

Deadspin (king of them all, shown here for comparison purposes): 68,620,067 total visitors; 86,606,819 total page views; 182,463 average daily visitors; 220,291 average daily page views.

The Boys Blog: 1,257,707 total visitors; 2,559,601 total page views; 2,345 average daily visitors; 3,939 average daily page views.

Blogging the Boys: 544,314 total visitors; 1,282,019 total page views; 1,750 average daily visitors; 3,560 average daily page views.

Know Your Dallas Cowboys: 56,635 total visitors; 100,045 total page views; 112 average daily visitors; 201 average daily page views.

But here’s what I found really strange: When I used a Google PageRank checker, here are the results for the aboveforementioned sites:

Deadspin: 6/10
The Boys Blog: 3/10
Blogging the Boys: 6/10
Know Your Dallas Cowboys: 4/10

Some others:

Dallas Cowboys.com: 6/10
NFL.com: 7/10
Pro Sports Daily: 5/10

So I guess this raises a question: what does it mean when a famous search engine likes you more than the fans that watch the team about which you write? Hmmm.

Sign the Petition for Landry Stadium!

A poster on the Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone has pointed out a new online petition urging the Cowboys to name their new stadium after Tom Landry. Here is the text of the letter:

To: Mr. Jerry Jones

We the undersigned hereby request that in honor of the first coach in Dallas Cowboys history, the name of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium be named Tom Landry Stadium.

In keeping with tradition of the NFL in naming facilities after founding members such as Lambeau Field, Ralph Wilson Stadium and Paul Brown Stadium, we the fans of the Dallas Cowboys hereby make this request to honor and remember the man who laid the foundation for the most visible franchise in NFL history.

Mr. Jones, we understand your sense of tradition and hope you would take into consideration the desires of your fans and those of this great franchise.


The Undersigned

I am undersigned number 608. As many have pointed out, naming rights are so valuable that Jerry could not possibly pass up the opportunity, but I think it’s still worthwhile to advocate.

Organized Team Activities=Practice

The local CBS station in Dallas ran a story tonight about the “organized team activities” of the Cowboys this off-season. One interesting part of the piece was about the difference between Bill Parcells and Wade Phillips in their approaches to these OTAs. Under Parcells, the team reportedly focused more on weight lifting and the like. […]

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Fan Video: Game Winning FG vs. Giants

I ran across a couple of fan videos on My Space today. The first is a fan-made video showing Martin Gramatica’s game-winning field goal against the New York Giants on December 3, 2006. Dallas Winning Field Goal! Add to My Profile | More Videos Here is a second one with a collage of pictures: dallas […]

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Staubach Video: “Big Thrill”

I was not able to embed this video, but here is the link to a video clip of Roger Staubach commenting on Arlington’s selection as the host of Super Bowl in 2011. Tweet

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Superstition Post: No. 12 Gets the Super Bowl to Dallas in the Wrong Year!

We received reports today that Super Bowl XLV will be played at the new Cowboys stadium following the 2010 season. And we can thank our hero Roger Staubach [and, er, Jerry] for making the winning bid. Although no team has ever played a Super Bowl in its home stadium (save perhaps the San Francisco 49ers […]

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Today’s Feature: Mild Defense of Both Parcells and Switzer

Today I stumbled across two interesting and unrelated pieces that focus on former coaches. While I have been guilty of criticizing Bill Parcells, I have been known to defend Barry Switzer (even if I generally lose the debate . . .). ESPN ran a piece on Switzer, giving him a little bit [emphasis on little] […]

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Trivia: Winning and Losing

Here are a few trivia questions focusing on win-loss records of the Cowboys, along with a few other topics. The focus is still mostly on the 1960s. (1) True or False: The Cowboys have not had a tie in a regular season game since the decade of the 1960s. (2) How many ties (regular season) […]

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Cowboys Haven’t Impressed Everyone

It’s probably a mistake to look outside of Cowboys circles for feedback on how the team has done or is doing, but a few stories have popped up lately that aren’t quite as optimistic as what we are hearing from the Cowboys’ faithful. This is from the Washington Times, noting that the Cowboys did not […]

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Romo: Still Master of the Second-Person Narrative

Wikipedia describes a second-person narrative as follows: Second-person narration is a narrative technique in which the protagonist or another main character is referred to by employment of second-person personal pronouns and other kinds of addressing forms, for example the English second-person pronoun “you”. This brings us to our friend Romo, who somewhat famously escorted Carrie […]

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