Is It Treasonous to Adopt a Team?

Just an open question to the Cowboys faithful: Is it an act of treason not only to root for another team but also to get emotionally behind them?

If it is, my only saving grace is that due to some Patriots fans on the official Cowboys message board (e.g., here), I really wanted to see the Colts win. And due the nature of the game, I feel about as beat up as I did when the Cowboys beat the Falcons late in the season. Anyway, I don’t think infidelity works as metaphor for this, but treason sounds about right if it is indeed a crime. Of sorts.

Indianapolis ColtsChicago Bears

This is still a pretty good story line this week, given that both teams have black head coaches, thus ensuring that we will finally have one called Super Bowl champion. It would have been interesting to see Payton Manning face the Saints, given Archie Manning’s background. It also would have been fun to see a rematch of Super Bowl XX between the Bears and Patriots. But in the end, this is a very worthy game coming up.

A couple of notes:

(1) I’ve never seen a team make a 39-14 win look so ugly. Grossman could barely complete a pass, but this defense something else.

(2) The AFC Championship Game has to go down as one of the greatest, given the teams and the circumstances. The only thing that could have topped what we saw would have been overtime (thinking Chargers-Dolphins in 1981). I would have paid to see that.

No prediction just yet. I want to be wrong later, rather than sooner.

A Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft Index: Justin Blalock is the Early Leader

Dallas CowboysHere is a link to a list of the various mock draft sites. Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone also has a sticky thread focusing on mock drafts.

Texas offensive guard Justin Blalock is the big winner thus far, with 16 of the 46 mock drafts guessing that he will be taken first. Another lineman, Levi Brown of Penn State, was the choice of six of the blogs.

Robert Bryant has a pretty good post about the Cowboys needs here. I’ll post other links as I discover them.

1. Draft Daddy: DE Quentin Moses, Georgia. Note: “The Boys could take Moses and stand him up at linebacker. Still elite lateral quickness, despite senior campaign.”

2. NFL Draft Countdown: OG Justin Blalock, Texas.


The Cowboys have two clearly defined needs at offensive guard and free safety so with LaRon Landry and Reggie Nelson both off the board here this decision becomes relatively easy. Marco Rivera is just about finished due to a back injury and while it might not be a sexy or popular selection in round one the Cowboys need to find a suitable replacement. Justin Blalock played right tackle for the most part in college but will probably move inside to guard at the next level and he could be a real all-around force there. If either Landry or Nelson were available they’d be hard to pass up but word has it that Anthony Henry might move to safety and if that happens the need will shift from free safety to cornerback so that could be an option as well. With things as they are Blalock probably makes the most sense at this point and his addition would go a long way towards improving what has been a pretty average offensive line for quite some time now.

3. Fox Sports: Blalock.

4. Great Blue North Draft Report: CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State.

5. Inside the Eagles: S Michael Johnson, Arizona.

6. Football Minds: S Michael Griffin, Texas.

7. Fantasy Football Jungle: OT Levi Brown, Penn State


The Dallas Cowboys had some difficulty this year in pass protection and their bookend tackles really underperformed and are aging. Brown is the second best Offensive Lineman in the draft and could be plugged into a trouble spot for the Cowboys right away. With 4 years of starting experience at Penn St he is polished with great technique and excellent hand control. He is good at pass protection, but also very good against the run, which is key to him fitting in well with the ball control offense Parcells likes to deploy. If he locks onto you with his 6’5 and 325 lb frame he has got you pegged. The Boys get a major upgrade here at a good value in the 20’s with Brown.

8. Draft Connection: Blalock

9. NFL Answers: WR Dwayne Jerrett, USC.

10. Fantasy Football Xtreme: DT DeMarcus Tyler, North Carolina.

11. Walter’s Football Site: Blalock

12. Q.I. Sports: S LaRon Landry, LSU

13. The Football Expert: S Reggie Nelson, Florida. Note: “Cowboys need help at OL and S. The decision comes down to Reggie Nelson or Justin Blalock. Nelson is better value here.”

14. Draft King: Blalock.

15. Junkyard Jake: Blalock

16. East Coast Sports News: Nelson. Note: “The ‘Boys will have a hard time passing on Nelson.”

17. Draft Studio: Griffin.

NFL Answers

18. Chad Thompson: Jarrett.

19. Kevin Alvidera: Griffin.

20. NFL Draft Class: Jarrett

21. Northwest Scouting: Blalock.

22. The War Room Draft Guide: Nelson.

23. FF Toolbox: Brown. Note: “Dallas showed some weakness at OL with both Bledsoe and Romo at QB. Brown is big, strong, dominate tackle that brings immediate relief to the OL.”

24. Draft Ace: WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee.


Even if T.O returns the Cowboys thin at the receiver position. Glenn and Owens are both getting up their in age and they don’t really have anyone waiting in the wings. Meachem enters that draft after a phenomenal junior year. The 6’3 receiver has a great blend of size and speed that make him a potential first rounder.

25. The Outhouse: Blalock. Note: “The Tuna needs to shore up his OL, and the big guy from Texas should be just what he’s looking for.”

26. The Lupagus: Brown. Note: “The Boys need to beef up their offensive line so they grab Mr. Brown here.”

27. NFL Draft Site Blog: Blalock.

28. Heard’s Football Report: DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville.

29. Consensus Draft Services: Brown.


It’s been an up-and-down year for Dallas, but making the playoffs is an accomplishment. The Cowboys couldn’t hide protection problems with the statue-like Drew Bledsoe standing in the pocket, but they have been able to mask problems up front with the mobile Tony Romo at QB. Levi Brown is a solid OT prospect from Penn State, who has been a senior leader on the offensive line for the Nittany Lions. Beyond offensive line, they might want to add another pass-rushing OLB, because they were not the same defense after Greg Ellis went down. Oh, and they could probably also use a holder.

30. Huddlegeeks: Nelson.

31. Dr. U Fantasy Football Guru: CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State.

32. Football’s Future: Nelson. Note: “Could form the best safety duo in the league with Roy Williams in no time.”

33. Fantasy Tailgate:Landry.


Even though he’s available here in my mock, I highly doubt it will actaully happen. Landry is a full on stud, and if he is available, this would be one of the biggest no-brainers of the draft. If he is gone, Reggie Nelson would probably be a no-brainer as well. Blalock would be the 3rd option – again, I’m doubting that Landry or Nelson will actually be available.

34. Saturdays2Sundays: Griffin.

35. D&J Mock Draft: Blalock.

36. Mock Draft City: Blalock.

37. NFL Daily: DE Lamar Woodley, Michigan.


The Cowboys defense has been in disarray late in the season and thus, coach Parcells will want to add a few guys to stop the bleeding. Woodley comes from a star studded defense at Michigan where he put up fantastic stats in 2006. His aggressiveness showed throughout his career as he collected the 2nd most tackles for a loss in school history. The Cowboys will need his defensive leadership to make the next step.

38. Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets: Blalock.

FF Toolbox

39. Ricky Dimon: Woodley.

40. Matt Monaghan: Blalock.

41. Dave Thompson: Brown.

42. Mike McCollom, Brown.

43. NFL Draft Forecast: DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska.

44. Draft Board Insider: Blalock.

45. Rob Scouting: Blalock

46. Presto 512, Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone: Blalock. Note: “Blaylock can play both guard and tackle spots which is what the Cowboys need. I initially had Blalock going to the Titans, Jarrett going to the Steelers and us getting Landry but Landry’s stock seems to be going up and he’s listed as #12 on Kiper’s big board. ”

A Fine Kickholder Picture

I’ve been using the same boring avatar (below) all season, but thanks to The Botch by Tony Romo, I get to use a new one (see further below). Thanks also to my mother for sending this, which is rather ironic because she much preferred my role as a kickholder to other roles due to her […]

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The Great… Um… Tuna Debate. Again.

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Some Presents That Keep on Giving

You know how the winners of the conference championships and the winner of the Super Bowl have championship gear already made for them to wear at the end of the game? And you know how sickening it must be for the opposing team to know that they too have gear already prepared that falsely indicates […]

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Now Here is a Great Video

Found another video that is really excellent, especially if you like watching clips of the old Dallas Cowboys. Tweet

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Videos, for Lack of Interest in Anything Else

Spent the day arguing over (a) whether Jimmy Johnson would have had better success than Bill Parcells if he had been given the same authority that Parcells has, and (2) who the best coach of all-time is. This is what Cowboys blogging on this venue has become these days… So I found some Cowboys videos […]

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MOP Award for 1965: Pete Gent

In 1964, the Dallas Cowboys signed a free agent named Pete Gent, a basketball player from Michigan State. This is what Peter Golenbeck wrote about Gent in Landry’s Boys: An Oral History of a Team and an Era: When Gent arrived at camp, Tom Landry had little use for him. However, the Cowboys offensive coordinator, […]

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Lessons from This Weekend?

Some of this is just conjecture on my part, but I think we might have learned something from each of the games this weekend: (1) Indianapolis 15, Baltimore 6: We learned that it was probably good that the Colts defense wasn’t playing this well when the Cowboys faced them. (2) New Orleans 27, Philadelphia 24: […]

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The Official Know Your Dallas Cowboys “We Should Be Playing Tomorrow” Post

I think this is the longest post title in the four-month history of this blog. Forced myself to watch the Saints-Eagles game tonight (and also required myself to pull for the Saints out of pure hatred for the Eagles), but tomorrow will be tough. Sigh. So how’s about some topics that have nothing to do […]

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