Tony Romo Vids: The Good and the Botched

As a Baylor employee, I should be far more excited that Mike Singletary is interviewing with the Cowboys. But other than the speculation, I’ll wait for commentary until after I hear an announcement. Here is the story from the official site.

Oops. I just said I was a Baylor employee. Next thing you know, I’ll have you believing that I’m the chair-elect of its Faculty Senate!

So in the meantime: I saw the second video below today on YouTube and feel badly that I think it’s pretty funny. So I’m throwing in the first video just to say that I have indeed included real highlights.

Now for the parody:

When Journalists Become Bored

I have apparently agreed one time too many with Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News, for today I read his piece about how Jerry Jones should be coach three times before realizing that there may not be a punch line.

Jerry JonesThere’s just no good way to spin Norv Turner’s 58-82-1 coaching record. None of the other candidates to become the seventh head coach in franchise history are sexy either.

Truthfully, does hiring Wade Phillips make you want to go out and buy four season tickets at the 50? What about Gary Gibbs or Jason Garrett or Mike Singletary, who’s interviewing today?

No. No, no and no, though Singletary is intriguing.

So maybe Jerry Jones should try a fresh approach and ditch his list of candidates. You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

That’s right, Jerry should stop with pretense and name himself head coach.

Before you pull a muscle laughing or fire off a nasty e-mail, think about this: George Halas and Paul Brown once owned teams and successfully coached them. I know it was a long time ago, but don’t get caught up in the details.

Jerry has already hired Garrett as the offensive coordinator, and one of the worst-kept secrets at the club’s Valley Ranch training complex is that Todd Bowles is expected to be named defensive coordinator.

If he’s already got the coordinators picked out, Jerry should coach the team. He can even use Bill Parcells’ whistle, which the former coach gave to public relations director Rich Dalrymple as a gift.

Since the Cowboys season ended, I have felt at times as if I were merely searching for filler, even though I am merely an amateur blogger. I no longer feel so badly about this, given this complete nonsense.


Jerry and Gene JonesAs it turns out, if Jerry does appoint himself as head coach, then he may need to ask his wife Gene to take a break from the plastic surgeon in order to coach the secondary. On Tuesday, safeties coach Mike MacIntrye accepted a position with the New York Jets. From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

MacIntyre, whose contract expired with the Cowboys, is joining the New Yorks Jets as secondary coach after spending the past four years with the Cowboys.

MacIntrye is the seventh member from the 2006 staff to leave. The others are defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer (Atlanta), special teams coach Bruce DeHaven (Seattle), offensive quality control coach David Lee (University of Arkansas), quarterbacks coach Cris Palmer (New York Giants), passing game coordinator/wide receivers coach Todd Haley (Arizona), and running backs coach Anthony Lynn (Cleveland).


Also from the Star-Telegram, here is a little bit from the feature entitled Buck and New Dawg:

How should the Cowboys use Jason Garrett now that they have him?

NEW DAWG: Sounds like he’ll be the play caller. I think Garrett did a great job with Joey Harrington. That kid was a disaster in Detroit, and he played some good ball for the Dolphins.

BUCK: Garrett will spend a season or two as “head coach in training,” while helping mold Tony Romo much the same way then-Packers assistant Steve Mariucci coached up a young Brett Favre in the early ‘90s. I can’t wait to see Garrett once the training wheels are off. He may be Jerry’s greatest hire, at any level … since the Jimster.


And lastly, borrowing from a poster on the Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone who borrowed from a poster on another message board who paraphrased an interview with former Cowboys safety Darren Woodson:

…I didn’t catch it all, but I heard him say the following:

** All the interviews do make him wonder if perhaps Jerry isn’t completely sold on the fact that Norv has the qualities necessary to lead the team as a HC.

**He believes the HC should be a CEO type, not necessarily the Xs and Os guy and that the HC has to be the one to set the direction of the team and motivate and inspire players to reach their potential. Although he didn’t come out and say it, It was my distinct impression that he questioned if Norv was that guy.

**He definitely believes Singletary should be considered because he could possess the qualities he mentioned above.

**In response to a question on the subject he agreed that IF Jerry runs out on Wednesday and announces Norv as the HC then he would agree that Jerry made a mockery of the “Rooney Rule” and it will be obvious that Jerry’s mind was already made up and he was simply going through the motions with Singletary.

**Lovie Smith was one of his coaches in college and he did more to motivate and inspire him in his college career than any other coach. Woodson has deep respect and admiration for Lovie Smith.

All in all, Woodson was total class and did not come across as negative about anything, but I sensed very strongly that he questions whether Norv possesses the leadership qualities that are needed to be the HC of the Cowboys.”

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