All Sorts of Romo Videos

I didn’t really intend for this week’s posts to consist entirely of videos, but it is too easy to go in this route. In the past couple of days, there have been several Tony Romo highlight videos. Here are a couple of the better ones:


There are quite a few opinions about Romo, of course, such as whether he is truly a straight-shooter (during interviews) and whether he deserves star status. I personally think he gives honest answers and think it is great that he is in the spotlight. Others disagree.

Here is a discussion thread with quite a number of comments about Romo from this off-season.


Also on the Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone is a new section called Classic Cowboys. My favorite subject, of course, but it took me less than a day before I ticked someone off. I’ll leave it at that.

Video: Roger Staubach Profile, Part 2

This is the second part of the Roger Staubach profile on “Greatest Sports Legends.”

Props to manfromlaramie for posting these.

Video: Roger Staubach Profile, Part 1

Below is part one of two of a show called “Greatest Sports Legends,” featuring Roger Staubach and host Michael Jordan.

Props to manfromlaramie for posting these.

Video: Roger Staubach and the Shotgun Formation

Here is a video showing the Cowboys’ introduction of the shotgun formation in 1975.

Trivia: Super Bowl VI

If you have watched the clips about the 1971 Dallas Cowboys on America’s Game on the NFL Network, you will know several of these trivia questions about Super Bowl VI.

Make your own Quiz!

Wow! An 8X10 Autographed Picture of John Dutton!

I haven’t done a Wow! Look What I Found! in a while, but having just learned that I was dropped from Commission Junction for having a dormant account, I thought the timing was good once again to show the faithful fans here the best in obscure Cowboys memorabilia.

Let’s say you have an extra $26 and need to spend it. Let’s also say that you can remember the Cowboys’ defensive line from the early 1980s and fondly recall the 6’7″ defensive tackle who had once been a Pro Bowl player with the Baltimore Colts. Well, I have the perfect gift– an 8X10″ autographed picture of John Dutton, who played with Dallas from 1979 to 1987. Perfect!

Don’t quite remember John Dutton? He even has a Wikipedia entry:

John Owen Dutton (born February 6, 1951 in Rapid City, South Dakota) is a former American football player. Dutton was an All-American at Nebraska University in 1973 and the fifth selection in the 1974 NFL draft. He played defensive end for the Baltimore Colts from 1974 through 1978 and defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys from 1979 through 1987. While with the Cowboys, Dutton formed part of their “Doomsday Defense.” Dutton graduated from Rapid City Central High School and played on the Cobblers’ 1969 state high school champion basketball team.

So here’s your chance to own a small piece of this history:

John Dutton Dallas Cowboys Autographed 8x10 Photograph

No Kick Holder Controversy?

Nearly all of my predictions for last year fell on their face, but I’m off to a good start for the coming season. I have anticipated that Brad Johnson would be named the kick holder for 2007, and I apparently got that right!

From the DMN Blog:

Almost forgot to mention that Wade Phillips named Brad Johnson the No. 1 holder, eliminating a whole bunch of drama from training camp.

Punter Mat McBriar, who was robbed of a legit shot to win the job, is usually quite a talkative mate. But McBriar wasn’t in the locker room during the media access period this afternoon.

I’m usually not one to jump to conclusions, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that McBriar is enraged at the decision. I’ll see if I can get him to blow off some steam tomorrow … or at least play along with my manufactured controversy.

Fox Power Rankings: Dallas is #14

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager has posted his first power ranking, which still has Indianapolis listed first. Not surprisingly, seven of the top 10 teams on the list are in the AFC. The other three are New Orleans (#5), Seattle (#6), and Chicago (#8).

Dallas comes in at #14, ranked behind Philadelphia (#11), San Francisco (#12), and Jacksonville (#13). Not a big shock.

Here is more:

Goodbye Tuna, hello Bum’s kid. It’s a new era in Dallas, and with word of a Super Bowl and a Cleveland first-round pick coming to town in the next few years, there’s unbridled optimism about the future of Cowboys football. Tony Romo’s dating an American Idol, T.O.’s been a model citizen, and the offensive line picked up some valuable new parts over the off-season. Could it really be all so, what’s the word — tranquil — in Dallas ? It seems so. Of course, there’s still some question marks at defensive back, and the starting receivers — Terry Glenn and T.O. — are both in their mid-30s. But all that considered, Dallas should still be in the hunt for a division crown this season, and, at the very least, another Wild Card spot.



Unlike last year, Peter King of Sports Illustrated did not pick Dallas to go to the Super Bowl this season. He instead has the Colts beating the Saints. Here is a thread at the Blue and Silver about this piece– I noted there that King has been way off on almost all of his picks, which does not bode well for those in Indianapolis or New Orleans…

Video: Romo Interview

Here is an interview with Tony Romo that appeared on NFL Access. One highlight:

Q: What do you like about Wade Phillips thus far, and what he’s brought to this team?

Romo [absent “You know” and “um”]: Wade, he just keeps everyone together. I think he has a good understanding of how a program should be run. Right now, the atmosphere around here is great, and you see guys flying around the ball out there, getting after it because they are excited to play football.

Romo also has a comment about Jason Garrett.

Great Video, Even in Black-and-White

This is one of the best highlight videos I’ve seen yet: