Career Rushing Leaders

Emmitt SmithGiven that he is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, everyone knows that Emmitt Smith is the Cowboys’ all-time leading rusher. The next three names–Tony Dorsett, Don Perkins, and Calvin Hill–should come as no surprise. The next four might be a bit surprising, though, with the likes of Robert Newhouse, Walt Garrison, and Herschel Walker.

In only three seasons, Julius Jones is the eighth leading rusher in team history. He needs 349 yards to surpass Walker, 990 to surpass Garrison, and 1854 to pass Newhouse. Marion Barber is ranked 18th on the list, with 1192 career yards.

Among the 21 players who have 1,000 career rushing yards with the Cowboys, three are quarterbacks (Staubach, Meredith, and Aikman).

Here is the full list of those who have rushed for more than 1,000 with the team (those in italics are active)

Name Att. Yards Ave. TD
Smith, Emmitt 4052 17162 4.2 153
Dorsett, Tony 2755 12036 4.4 71
Perkins, Don 1500 6217 4.1 42
Hill, Calvin 1166 5009 4.3 39
Newhouse, Robert 1151 4750 4.1 31
Garrison, Walt 899 3886 4.3 30
Walker, Herschel 737 3245 4.4 25
Jones, Julius 721 2896 4.0 16
Staubach, Roger 410 2264 5.5 20
Springs, Ron 604 2180 3.6 28
Marsh, Amos 427 2065 4.8 14
Reeves, Dan 535 1990 3.7 25
Hambrink, Troy 473 1896 4.0 8
Thomas, Duane 326 1596 4.9 16
Newsome, Timmy 342 1226 3.6 19
Meredith, Don 242 1216 5.0 15
Pearson, Preston 325 1207 3.7 5
Barber, Marion 273 1192 4.4 19
Williams, Sherman 302 1162 3.8 4
Dennison, Doug 306 1112 3.6 19
Aikman, Troy 327 1016 3.1 9

Another Great Highlight Video

This video by tek2000 appears on YouTube. It is entitled Killer Instinct and is one of the better ones I’ve seen this off-season.

A History of 1,000-Yard Dallas Cowboy Rushers

Julius JonesIn 2006, Julius Jones became the fifth back in team history to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a season. It was the 23rd time that a back for the Dallas Cowboys had reached this milestone, and it was the first time since Emmitt Smith accomplished the feat in 2001.

The first player to rush for 1,000 yards in team history was Calvin Hill, who did so in 1972 and 1973. Hill and Tony Dorsett were the only two players to rush for 1,000 yards before the league expanded to a 16-game schedule in 1978. When Hill ran for 1036 yards in 1972, he broke the franchise single-season mark of 945 yards set by Don Perkins in 1962.

In 2005, Jones came the closest to 1,000 yards without eclipsing the mark when he finished the season with 993. Dorsett had the lowest total that exceeded 1,000 yards when he rushed for 1,007 yards as a rookie in 1977.

Emmitt Smith holds the franchise mark with 11 consecutive 1,000 yards seasons, during a period that lasted from 1991 to 2001. Dorsett opened his career with five straight 1,000-yard seasons, but was unable to continue the streak due to the players’ strike in 1982. He reached the mark again each season from 1983 to 1985. The only player on the list to fail to achieve this feat for a second time was Herschel Walker, who was traded by the Cowboys in 1989.

Here is a list of each of the players to reach this milestone:

Number Name Years
11 Smith, Emmitt 1991-2001
8 Dorsett, Tony 1977-1981, 1983-1985
2 Hill, Calvin 1972-1973
1 Walker, Herschel 1988
1 Jones, Julius 2006

Here is a complete list of 1,000-yard seasons by Dallas Cowboy running backs, in order of yardage.

Year Name Att. Yards Ave. TD
1995 Smith, Emmitt 377 1773 4.2 25
1992 Smith, Emmitt 373 1713 4.6 18
1981 Dorsett, Tony 342 1646 4.8 4
1991 Smith, Emmitt 365 1563 4.3 12
1988 Walker, Herschel 361 1514 4.2 5
1993 Smith, Emmitt 283 1486 5.3 9
1994 Smith, Emmitt 368 1484 4.0 21
1999 Smith, Emmitt 329 1397 4.2 11
1998 Smith, Emmitt 319 1332 4.2 13
1978 Dorsett, Tony 290 1325 4.6 7
1983 Dorsett, Tony 289 1321 4.6 8
1985 Dorsett, Tony 305 1307 4.3 7
1996 Smith, Emmitt 327 1204 3.7 12
2000 Smith, Emmitt 294 1203 4.1 9
1984 Dorsett, Tony 302 1189 3.9 5
1980 Dorsett, Tony 278 1185 4.3 11
1973 Hill, Calvin 273 1142 4.2 6
1979 Dorsett, Tony 250 1107 4.4 6
2006 Jones, Julius 267 1084 4.1 4
1997 Smith, Emmitt 261 1074 4.1 4
1972 Hill, Calvin 245 1036 4.2 6
2001 Smith, Emmitt 261 1021 3.9 3
1977 Dorsett, Tony 208 1007 4.8 12

Marion Barber’s Obscure Record

BarberMarion Barber in 2006 had the fourth-highest total of rushing touchdowns (14) in one season in franchise history. In fact, among the top ten performances as far as rushing touchdowns, Barber’s name appears along side Emmitt Smith (with seven of the top ten), Tony Dorsett, and Herschel Walker.

Barber’s 14 touchdowns on only 135 attempts set a rather obscure franchise record– highest percentage of rushing touchdowns per attempt, based on running backs with at least 100 attempts in a season. His number (10.37%) easily beats the second highest total of 7.95% by Walker in 1986.

Here are the top 20 rushers in this category (min. 100 attempts):

Year Name Att. TD TD/Att.
2006 Barber, Marion 135 14 10.37%
1986 Walker, Herschel 151 12 7.95%
1971 Hill, Calvin 106 8 7.55%
1995 Smith, Emmitt 377 25 6.63%
1975 Dennison, Doug 111 7 6.31%
1971 Thomas, Duane 175 11 6.29%
1981 Springs, Ron 172 10 5.81%
1977 Dorsett, Tony 208 12 5.77%
1978 Newhouse, Robert 140 8 5.71%
1973 Garrison, Walt 105 6 5.71%
1994 Smith, Emmitt 368 21 5.71%
1980 Newhouse, Robert 118 6 5.08%
1968 Baynham, Craig 103 5 4.85%
1992 Smith, Emmitt 373 18 4.83%
1963 Perkins, Don 149 7 4.70%
1983 Springs, Ron 149 7 4.70%
1966 Reeves, Dan 175 8 4.57%
1990 Smith, Emmitt 241 11 4.56%
1974 Garrison, Walt 113 5 4.42%
1966 Perkins, Don 186 8 4.30%

More Classic Trivia

Dallas CowboysThe Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone has had some very good trivia questions on a recent thread. Here are a few of them:

1. True or False: No team that has lost to the Cowboys in a Super Bowl has ever scored in the end zone that features the Cowboys’ logo.

2. Who made the following quote?: When asked if Tom Landry smiled, “How the hell should I know, I only played for Dallas nine years.”

3. Who made this quote?: “If you needed four yards, you could give the ball to Walt and he’d get you four yards. If you needed twenty yards, you could give the ball to Walt and he’d get you four yards.”

4. And this quote?” “Don was a great football player who took the punishment to build Dallas a winning team . . . Don Meredith would have taken Dallas to some Super Bowl victories in the 1970s. Don Meredith was a very good quarterback, and he had the confidence of the team.”

5. Even though Tony Dorsett was a starter for only part of the 1977 season, what record did he establish that season?

6. Name the man who was drafted in 1967 by the Cowboys, and instead of winning Super Bowls, he went on to win NBA championships.

7. Don Perkins led all Cowboys rushers during the decade of the 1960s with 6217 rushing yards. Who had the second highest number of total rushing yards during that decade?

Hint: It was not Dan Reeves or Walt Garrison, nor was it a quarterback.

8. What future Hall-of-Famer did Dallas select in the seventh round of the 1967 draft?

9. Name the Top 3 Dallas Cowboy Career Passer Rating QBs in order! QBs have to have played min 3 years.

10. In the Cowboy’s final game in 1960 (a loss to the Lions), our punter Dave Sherer was called to duty by the Texas Air National Guard. Who did the punting?


There is still time to participate in the Favorite Classic Cowboy Elimination game. Instructions are available here (you’ll have to register to participate).

No More CowboysPlus?

This is a strange post, I know, but I just noticed that the Dallas Morning News’ CowboysPlus site appears to be no more. After charging for the site for several years, it has been free for a number of months. Now most of the information has been incorporated into the main site. Have to say this is disappointing, given that some of the classic information does not appear to be there any longer.

Anyway, Todd Archer has had some good pieces analyzing the roster. Here they are:

QB, RB Analysis

WR, TE Analysis


The highlight videos from last season keep coming. Here is a very long one of these:

How Cowboy Quarterbacks Stay in the News

Unless you have shut off all media access in the past year, you know that Tony Romo has had no trouble staying in the news. We also continue to see our favorites Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman pop up in headlines from time to time. If only Danny White and Don Meredith could do something noteworthy, we could have an entire blog focusing only on Cowboy quarterbacks.

We’ll start with Romo, who is partially the subject of the cover of Country Weekly, which features a certain blonde. The DMN Cowboys blog wonders if there may be a jinx involved:

Carrie Underwood Tony RomoCowboys fans better hope not, because the current issue of this magazine I had never heard of until moments ago has a cover story about the Tony Romo-Carrie Underwood romance.

I discovered this after doing a “Tony Romo” Google search to investigate a rumor Julie in the office heard that Romo was dating another starlet. Julie heard a tease on a local radio show, but wasn’t interested enough to stick around to listen to the dirt. If any of you have any tips about this very important news, feel free to pass them on.

I promise this will be the last post of the day about NFL quarterbacks on random magazine covers.


Roger Staubach announced that he would step down as the CEO of The Staubach Company:

Roger Staubach, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, will step down as chief executive and become executive chairman of the real estate consulting firm he built after his football career ended.

The Staubach Company announced the change Tuesday, along with what it called a long-planned recapitalization of the company, which is expected to be completed by June 30.

Mr. Staubach, 65, has held the titles of chairman and chief executive of the company, which is based in Dallas. He said he would continue to work full time. Gregory P. O’Brien, president for the company’s Northeast region, will become chief executive.

The Staubach Company advises companies on office, industrial and retail real estate.


Lastly, Troy Aikman knows concussions.

As soon as the recent study linking football-related concussions to depression was released, former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman knew people would start wondering about him.

For the record, Aikman said he is fine and has no recurring symptoms from the 10 concussions he suffered during a Hall of Fame career with the Cowboys.

Although he suffers from migraines that date to childhood, Aikman said he is “completely healthy.”

“I feel very fortunate that I got out of the game when I did,” Aikman said. “My back feels great now. My back was the biggest concern for me. I retired more from my back than the concussions.”

If you need a reminder of a sad day, take a look at this:

We Might Have Discipline After All

Here is a quote from a pretty good piece today by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Wade Phillips’ approach now that he has reached 60. It begins with a quote from his father, Bum.

“Every now and then, Wade gets hard-headed,” Bum said. “But that’s OK — he’s like me that way. Sooner or later, somebody backs you up against a wall, and you have to push off that wall and make something happen.”

This segues nicely into that nonsense you keep hearing that Wade is soft and that his players will be undisciplined. That’s a crock. His teams readily rank in the NFL’s top five in least number of turnovers.

“I think people get confused about discipline,” Wade said. “To me, it’s what your team does. I’m like my dad that way. I’d rather have a guy be self-disciplined than have to have me holler and scream at him to do something.

“Because when it comes down to it, he’s not really going to do it unless I’m standing there.”

The Phillipses are a logical bunch.


The Blue & Silver Forum

Thought I might also note that The Blue and Silver now has a MySpace page as well. Below is a great video for the forum:

The Blue and

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Some Different Looks at the New Stadium

Due to the fact that I am grading a total of 96 papers over the next few weeks . . . and have to finish a book by the end of the month . . . and have two kids bored out of their minds because they are out of school . . . and any other excuse I haven’t considered yet . . .

. . . I am going to continue posting videos today.

There are several good clips of the new Cowboys stadium. The first shows the construction site in Arlington, which I flew over a couple of months ago. It was, and apparently is, still a big hole, but it’s starting to take shape.

The second is an animated fly-by rendition of the new stadium, put together and set to music by

Lastly, here is a clip that has been up for several months. It is a student piece that focuses on the stadium’s impact on Arlington:

Having worked less than a mile from the Ballpark in Arlington for three years, I hope (now from a distance) that the city can handle the traffic issues. That was always more than a small headache, even for Rangers games.

All Sorts of Romo Videos

I didn’t really intend for this week’s posts to consist entirely of videos, but it is too easy to go in this route. In the past couple of days, there have been several Tony Romo highlight videos. Here are a couple of the better ones:


There are quite a few opinions about Romo, of course, such as whether he is truly a straight-shooter (during interviews) and whether he deserves star status. I personally think he gives honest answers and think it is great that he is in the spotlight. Others disagree.

Here is a discussion thread with quite a number of comments about Romo from this off-season.


Also on the Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone is a new section called Classic Cowboys. My favorite subject, of course, but it took me less than a day before I ticked someone off. I’ll leave it at that.