Clip: 1994 Playoff Win Over Green Bay

Here’s an interesting video: newscast highlights of the Cowboys’ 35-9 win over the Packers in the 1994 NFC playoffs. This game has largely been forgotten due to the fact that the Cowboys lost their next game in the NFC title game to San Francisco. But the highlights remind us that at one point, Dallas had Blaire Thomas, who had two touchdowns in the game while Emmitt Smith nursed a sore hamstring. The interviews after the game also bring back memories.

Off-Season Moves of Ex-Cowboy Broadcasters

Ever since Roger Staubach’s ill-fated attempts in the broadcast booth during the 1980 season, I have to admit that I don’t get too excited when I hear of the prospect of an ex-Cowboys becoming a quasi-journalist. But we have plenty of those former players and coaches making such a move, so we might as well try to keep track of everything.

Charlie WatersCharlie Waters has stepped down as the color commentator for the Cowboys radio broadcasts. My personal opinion is that while he got off to a slow start, I thought he did a pretty good job by the end of the season.

The 2006 season brought Charlie Waters closer to the NFL than he’d been in more than 10 years, when his coaching tenure with the Denver Broncos ended.

But due to a demanding work schedule, the former Cowboys safety has decided not to return next season as the team’s radio analyst alongside play-by-play announcer Brad Sham.

“To get to where I wanted to get to in the radio analyst position, I would have had to concentrate far more on that industry than I can justify at this time,” said Waters, who works in the energy business with former teammate Cliff Harris. “My commitment to my other work came first and I must honor my commitment.”

Waters, who completed a one-year contract with the Cowboys Radio Network, still could help cover the team in some capacity next season. Meanwhile, the Cowboys will begin the process of finding his successor.

Bill Parcells has reportedly rejoined ESPN as an analyst. This news, which has not been confirmed, also coincides with reports that Michael Irvin could be fired by ESPN.

Is ESPN on the verge of cutting ties with NFL analyst Michael Irvin?

One industry source believes the decision has already been made, and that some at the network view the outspoken Irvin as a ticking time bomb, ready to explode into a public-relations nightmare.

ESPN did not confirm or deny the report, but issued a statement, saying: “We are currently in the process of discussing studio assignments for next season.”

There is speculation that newly retired Bill Parcells could end up at the network, but there is no indication that a deal is imminent.

I’ll just be honest here: I want Irvin to stay at ESPN not so much because I enjoy his commentary, but more because I fear what happens if allof his time is free…


I’m all about widgets these days, but I still lack originality. Here is another of those Spring Widgets featuring an RSS feed from one of those video aggregator sites:

Great Emmitt Smith Highlights

Last of the highlight clips from a poster named thescarface1989 on ilfilm. I think the one below, featuring Emmitt Smith, is the best of the bunch. If you missed the previous posts, here are the links: Michael Irvin Roger Staubach Troy Aikman Tweet

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Dallas Cowboys 2007: A Family Affair

Does anyone who might visit this blog remember the show A Family Affair? You could argue that I shouldn’t, given that it went off the air when I was seven months old, but alas, I do remember watching those reruns. Here is a description of the show from Wikipedia: Much of the show’s popularity came […]

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The Blue and

Many thanks to CaliCowboy, SilverStar, OCF, DA FAN, and all the others at The Blue and, who have asked me to be moderator there. If you prefer a little bit more mature crowd with quite a number of years of experience watching the Cowboys, then I highly suggest checking it out. While you are […]

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Troy Aikman Highlight Clip. [Trust Me– There are Highlights…]

This is the second filler video of the week, but I will have more real news later. Hope everyone is enjoying the off-season thus far… If you stop the clip after a minute or so, you’ll think that I’m feeding you a Philadelphia Eagles highlight film. But alas, the better stuff is there… Tweet

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Roger Staubach Video… Set to Foo Fighters(?)

I fully realize that this is filler, but ’tis the season. Here’s a great Roger Staubach highlight video, although it is a little bit odd to watch these set to the tune of “My Hero” by Foo Fighters. Tweet

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And Now the Long, Cold [Er, Warmer?] Offseason

If you are a true draftnik, then your season has just begun now that the Pro Bowl is over. For those of us who have trouble updating their mock drafts on a daily basis, it’s a long road to August. Sigh. As for the Pro Bowl, it was unfortunate for Drew Brees that he had […]

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Wade Phillips: A More Complete History

The new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Wade Phillips, has a career winning percentage of .552 as head coach or interim head coach of four teams. Though he has reached the playoffs in three of his five five years as head coach, he has never won a playoff game. As far as drafts, I […]

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Surely We Can’t Go Wrong with a Texas Native. Right?

Let’s review some Cowboys’ history: Good birth places: Mission, Texas (Tom Landry), Port Arthur, Texas (Jimmy Johnson). Birth place of that other Super Bowl coach: Crossett, Arkansas (Barry Switzer). Birthplaces of the mediocre and the bad: Gainesville, Georgia (Chan Gailey), Somewhere in Connecticut (Dave Campo); Englewood, New Jersey (the Tuna fellow). So now we welcome […]

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