Historic Draft: 1967

Grade: C-

This draft was as bad as the 1961 draft, which produced Bob Lilly but only produced Bob Lilly. A draft that produces a member of the Hall of Fame certainly couldn’t earn a D, but it can’t be much better than that when it produces nothing else.

In 1967, the NFL and AFL held the first common draft between the leagues. This draft produced a total of seven future hall-of-famers, including three that were taken in the first round. The Cowboys were one of those teams who picked up a legend in this draft, albeit in the seventh round with a player who was later converted from defense to offense. The draft also saw the selection of a future NBA coaching legend who never played college football.

As I noted in the 1966 draft post, the Cowboys traded away first, second, and two fifth round picks to acquire the rights to Ralph Neely, who had been selected in 1965 by the Houston Oilers of the AFL. Their first pick that year was during the third round, when they took a defensive back named Phil Clark from Northwestern, who played three years in Dallas and recorded a total of three interceptions. The team’s sixth-round pick, Sims Stokes, also played defensive back, but he only played in three games for the Cowboys during the 1967 season.

Rayfield WrightIn the seventh round, Dallas took a defensive end named Rayfield Wright of Fort Valley State in Georgia. He played both defensive end and tight end during his first three seasons in Dallas before being converted into a right tackle. His performance at tackle earned Wright his induction in the Hall of Fame in 2006.

Only one other player– kicker Harold Deters– made the squad, but he only made one field goal out of four attempts in his brief career with the Cowboys. The team’s eleventh-round pick was a basketball player from Kentucky named Pat Riley, who chose to play for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA instead.

3 Phil Clark, Northwestern
4 Curtis Marker, Northern Michigan
6 Sims Stokes, Northern Arizona
7 Rayfield Wright, Ft. Valley State
8 Steve Laub, Illinois Wesleyan
9 Byron Morgan, Findlay
10 Eugens Bowens, Tennessee A&I
11 Pat Riley, Kentucky
12 Harold Deters, North Carolina State
13 Al Kerkian, Akron
14 Tommy Boyd, Tarleton State
15 Leavie David, Edward Waters
16 Paul Brothers, Oregon State
17 George Adams, Morehead State

Video: Defensive Highlights

Amidst all of the exciting news these days– [ANOTHER MOCK DRAFT! AND DALLAS IS STILL LOOKING FOR A FREE SAFETY (Ken Hamlin of the Seahawks)… AND PERHAPS AN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO THE HEAD TRAINER…YES, I JUST MADE THAT UP AND IT WASN’T FUNNY]… here is another highlight clip by Steven Otero that focuses on the defense. Good stuff.

2006 Highlights: Offense

Here is a great series of highlights from last season, focusing on the offense. It was compiled by a poster on the Blue and Silver named Steven Otero. Cowboys 06 Offense – OTERO1Uploaded by otero1 Tweet

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Rest in Peace, Crazy Ray

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Video: New Stadium

This clip has been out for a while, but I have never posted it. It is a graphical representation of what the new Cowboys stadium will look like. Tweet

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MOP Award for 1967: Ron East

The choice for the MOP Award for 1967 was a tough one. Just too many well-known players and too few obscure ones that qualify. And I have to admit that the retrospective winner– defensive tackle/end Ron East– was simply obscure but not otherwise noteworthy. Congratulations retrospectively, nevertheless. [Update: See the comments– a poster named Born […]

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Historic Draft: 1966

Grade: B- The 1966 draft was a mild success due to the selection of guard John Niland and running back Walt Garrison. Moreover, the Cowboys traded their fourth round selection to the Baltimore Colts for guard Ralph Neely. Otherwise, however, the 1966 draft saw the drafting of fourteen players who did not play a down […]

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