Video: Romo Interview

Here is an interview with Tony Romo that appeared on NFL Access. One highlight:

Q: What do you like about Wade Phillips thus far, and what he’s brought to this team?

Romo [absent “You know” and “um”]: Wade, he just keeps everyone together. I think he has a good understanding of how a program should be run. Right now, the atmosphere around here is great, and you see guys flying around the ball out there, getting after it because they are excited to play football.

Romo also has a comment about Jason Garrett.

Great Video, Even in Black-and-White

This is one of the best highlight videos I’ve seen yet:

Video: Emmitt Smith Tribute

Here is a very good tribute video, featuring Emmitt Smith: (This video is also available for download at CowboysVids, which has a ton of other highlight videos). Tribute to Emmitt SmithAdd to My Profile | More Videos Tweet

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Trivia: 1970 Season

Here are 10 trivia questions about the Cowboys’ 1970 season: Make your own Quiz! Tweet

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Melodrama Via Video: “The Texas Football Massacre”

In case you might have forgotten how the Cowboys lost in the playoffs last year, here’s a short reminder: Tweet

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Need Receivers to Step Up, But At Least Romo’s Head Isn’t Swelling

This is not the best time of year for Cowboys news, given than once a story breaks (TERRELL OWENS RECEIVES ROSTER BONUS! HERE! AND HERE! AND HERE!), every blogger and his sister runs a post on it. But here is a good faith effort to get caught up. First, in addition to the aforementioned (via […]

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Trivia: Super Bowl V

Trying out some software to create a quiz. Below are ten questions related to Super Bowl V: Make your own Quiz! Tweet

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Video: Oh, So Those are Cheerleaders?

There are all sorts of videos showing Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, of course, but this one somehow caught my attention. The title of the video is “Sexy Back…” If you can see a sexy back among this group of cheerleaders, your imagination is much better than mine: For those expecting some form of legitimate entertainment, give […]

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Trivia: When Dallas Couldn’t Win the Big One

The questions below relate to the playoff appearances of the Cowboys during the 1960s. (1) Who blocked Don Chandler’s extra point try with 5:20 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Packers leading 34-20 in the 1966 title game? (2) Which member of the Packers intercepted Don Meredith’s desperation pass at the end of the […]

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What Is This Google PageRank Nonsense, Anyway?

I thought it was some kind a achievement that according to SiteMeter the total number of page views of this site reached 100,000 today. I guess I should also be pleased that this site now has a Google PageRank of 4, which apparently isn’t too bad. Shortly after discovering all of this, though, I saw […]

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