Most Passing Yards in a Game

Don MeredithOne of the oldest records in team history is most yards passing in a single game. Don Meredith established the mark with 460 yards in a 31-24 loss to San Francisco in 1963.

Here is a clip of the story from that game:

Don Meredith had one of the greatest afternoons in National Football League history and that was not enough to defeat the San Francisco 49ers.

Meredith threw 48 passes. That’s a team record. He completed 30, another record. The total distance was 460 yards, which not only breaks the Cowboy team record by 112 yards, but approaches Norm Van Brocklin’s NFL record of 554.

Only three quarterbacks in league history have pitched more productively in a single afternoon: Van Brocklin, Y. A. Tittle (505) and Johnny Lujack (468).

Had the Dallas defense contributed anything but awkwardness and stupidity, Meredith would have surpassed Lujack and probably scared the keepers off Van Brocklin’s treasured moment.

But the defense was pitiful against the pitiful 49ers.

And when they counted all the chips San Francisco had won its second game of the season. 31-24.

All-pro halfback Don Perkins was normally violent, punishing he 49ers when it was necessary. Frank Clarke (eight catches for 190 yards and two touchdowns), Bill Howton (eight for 107 and one score) and Lee Folkins (seven for 112) caught brilliantly and ran like wild boars.

But these heroics were insufficient, vastly insufficient.

Troy Aikman came close to breaking the record with a 455-yard performance that also occurred in a loss (46-36 to Minnesota on Thanksgiving Day in 1998). Meredith also had the only other 400-yard game in team history, in a 31-30 win over Washington in 1966.

Below is the list of games in which a Dallas quarterback has had at least 350 yards passing in one game.

Table: Most Passing Yards in a Game (Regular Season)

Date Player Yards Opponent Result Score
11/10/1963 Meredith, Don 460 San Francisco 49ers L 24-31
11/26/1998 Aikman, Troy 455 Minnesota Vikings L 36-46
11/13/1966 Meredith, Don 406 Washington Redskins W 31-30
10/9/1966 Meredith, Don 394 Philadelphia Eagles W 56-7
12/22/1985 Hogeboom, Gary 389 San Francisco 49ers L 16-31
11/12/1989 Aikman, Troy 379 Phoenix Cardinals L 20-24
10/9/1983 White, Danny 377 Tampa Bay Buccaneers W 27-24
10/27/1996 Aikman, Troy 363 Miami Dolphins W 29-10
9/25/2005 Bledsoe, Drew 363 San Francisco 49ers W 34-31
10/27/1985 White, Danny 362 Atlanta Falcons W 24-10
9/12/1999 Aikman, Troy 362 Washington Redskins W 41-35
12/13/1987 White, Danny 359 Washington Redskins L 20-24
9/18/1966 Meredith, Don 358 New York Giants W 52-7
11/27/1997 Aikman, Troy 356 Tennessee Oilers L 14-27
9/12/2004 Testaverde, Vinny 355 Minnesota Vikings L 17-35
10/25/1981 White, Danny 354 Miami Dolphins W 28-27
12/25/1995 Aikman, Troy 350 Arizona Cardinals W 37-13

Great Video: Terry Glenn

Here is another excellent highlight video by silverandblue from The Blue and This one focuses on Terry Glenn.

300-Yard Passers: Number of Times in a Career

Troy AikmanAmong the many records that Troy Aikman set in his career was the most number of games in which he passed for at least 300 yards (regular season only). Aikman accomplished this 13 times in his career, breaking the old mark of 10 that was set by Danny White.

Table: 300-Yard Passing Games, Career (Regular Season)

Name No. Record Win %
Aikman, Troy 13 7-6 53.85%
White, Danny 10 5-5 50.00%
Meredith, Don 7 6-1 85.71%
Staubach, Roger 6 4-2 66.67%
Pelleur, Steve 4 2-2 50.00%
Bledsoe, Drew 3 3-0 100.00%
Hogeboom, Gary 3 2-1 66.67%
Romo, Tony 3 2-1 66.67%
Testaverde, Vinny 3 1-2 33.33%
Carter, Quincy 1 1-0 100.00%
Garrett, Jason 1 1-0 100.00%
Hutchinson, Chad 1 1-0 100.00%
LeBaron, Eddie 1 1-0 100.00%
Morton, Craig 1 1-0 100.00%

300-Yard Passing Games in a Season: Romo Ties Mark in 2006

Tony RomoThough he only started barely over half of the 2006 season, Tony Romo tied a team record with three 300-yard games in one season. The impressive part of this is that the record is shared by the likes of Don Meredith, Roger Staubach, and Danny White. Even more impressive is that even though he had the most 300-yard games in team history for his career, Troy Aikman never had more than two 300-yard games in a season.

What is slightly less impressive is that Vinny Testaverde (2004) and Drew Bledsoe (2005) also share this record.

Here is the list of total number of 300-yard passing games in a single season (regular season only):

Year – Player, No.
1966 – Meredith, Don, 3
1979 – Staubach, Roger, 3
2004 – Testaverde, Vinny, 3
2005 – Bledsoe, Drew, 3
2006 – Romo, Tony, 3
1983 – White, Danny, 3
1963 – Meredith, Don, 2
1975 – Staubach, Roger, 2
1984 – Hogeboom, Gary, 2
1985 – White, Danny, 2
1986 – Pelleur, Steve, 2
1987 – White, Danny, 2
1988 – Pelleur, Steve, 2
1997 – Aikman, Troy, 2

Trivia: 2006 Season

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Taking a short break from the arcane trivia of 35 years ago, here is a quiz focusing on the 2006 season:

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Video: Defensive Highlights

Below is a pretty good defensive highlight clip. This is the work of silverandblue from The Blue and Hats off.

Trivia: The Triplets

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A few days ago, I asked this trivia question:

In which game (year and opponent) did the Cowboys first have a 300-yard passer, a 100-yard rusher, and a 100-yard receiver?

The answer:

Dallas had several games with multiple 100-yard receivers but did not have the trifecta until the 52-10 win over Houston on Dec. 20, 1970.

Craig Morton went 13 of 17 for 349 yards and 5 touchdowns. Bob Hayes caught six passes for 187 yards. Duane Thomas had 115 yards rushing.

Triplets Aikman Smith IrvinThe Triplets– Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin– accomplished this feat twice during the ten years they were together. Here are those two games:

October 8, 1995: Dallas 34, Green Bay 24

Smith: 106 rushing yards; Irvin: 150 receiving yards; Aikman: 316 passing yards.

September 22, 1999: Dallas 41, Washington 35

Smith: 109 rushing yards; Irvin: 122 receiving yards; Aikman: 362 passing yards.

Rocket Ismail, who caught the game-winning touchdown in overtime, also had 149 yards receiving.


The closest these three came to this accomplishment in the playoffs was in Super Bowl XXVII following the 1992 season. In that game, Smith had 108 yards on 22 carries, while Irvin had 114 yards on six receptions. Aikman, however, did not reach 300 yards, as he finished with 273 after completing 22 of 30 passes.

Looking Back: 1982 Regular Season Finale

A poster named coinsmr posted a clip of Tony Dorsett’s 99-yard run against the Minnesota Vikings in the Cowboys’ regular season finale in 1982. This has been posted on other blogs, but here it is for anyone who may not have seen it.

Some other interesting tidbits about this game, as well as the run:

* Dorsett’s run helped the Cowboys to overcome a 24-13 fourth quarter deficit, only to see the Vikings score the winning touchdown with less than two minutes remaining in the game.
* Had the Cowboys won, they would have played Minnesota again the following week, this time at Texas Stadium. Instead, the Cowboys faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whom the Cowboys defeated 30-17.
* This loss resulted in the Cowboys losing back-to-back games to end the season. That had not happened since 1962.
* Dorsett finished with 745 rushing yards in the strike-shortened 1982 season, enough to give him the title as NFC rushing champion. Though it was the first time he had not gained 1,000 yards in a season during his career, it was the only time that he had won a rushing title.
* Dorsett’s run from scrimmage broke the previous record of 97 yards, set by Bob Gage of Pittsburgh in 1949 and Andy Uram of Green Bay in 1939.

Trivia: 1972 Season

Here are some multiple-choice trivia regarding the Cowboys’ 1972 season:

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More on Danny White

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Danny WhiteMelonball made a good point in the comments to yesterday’s post, noting that Danny White is “incredibly underrated and underappreciated by Cowboys fans.” I agree entirely. Here is what I wrote a few weeks ago about White:

I don’t think any player in team history has been under more pressure to perform than White. Few players are more underappreciated. Meredith had to survive criticism, but he wound up in the Ring of Honor, and most of the negativity surrounding him has long since vanished. White is still criticized for not taking the team to the Super Bowl, even though White’s accomplishments compare quite favorably to Meredith’s (not to take anything away from what Meredith did, mind you).

Consider White’s record as a starter– in five full seasons as a starter, White led the team to the playoffs five times and to the NFC Championship Game three times. Prior to his injury in 1986, his record as a full-time starter beginning in 1980 was 62-24 (the team went 5-6 in games that he did not start during that time period). The team’s record for the remainder of the decade after he suffered his injury was 11-36, with no winning seasons. There were, of course, other factors involved, but the sharp contrast of the team before his injury compared to what happened afterward shows his value.


Here are some trivia questions for today:

1. In 1991, the Cowboys beat Washington 24-21 in a game that sparked a five-game winning streak and sent the Cowboys to the playoffs with an 11-5 record. Some questions: (1) During that game, Michael Irvin made a juggling catch on a pass from Steve Beuerlein and got past Darrell Green for a 23-yard touchdown. What was the score at the time that Irvin scored? (2) What milestones did Irvin and Emmitt Smith accomplish for the first time in this game? (3) Which skill player on offense missed this game due to an injury?

2. In which game (year and opponent) did the Cowboys first have a 300-yard passer, a 100-yard rusher, and a 100-yard receiver?

3. Which player was the first in team history to gain more than 100 rushing and 100 yards receiving in a single game? What year? Who was the opponent?