No Kick Holder Controversy?

Nearly all of my predictions for last year fell on their face, but I’m off to a good start for the coming season. I have anticipated that Brad Johnson would be named the kick holder for 2007, and I apparently got that right!

From the DMN Blog:

Almost forgot to mention that Wade Phillips named Brad Johnson the No. 1 holder, eliminating a whole bunch of drama from training camp.

Punter Mat McBriar, who was robbed of a legit shot to win the job, is usually quite a talkative mate. But McBriar wasn’t in the locker room during the media access period this afternoon.

I’m usually not one to jump to conclusions, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that McBriar is enraged at the decision. I’ll see if I can get him to blow off some steam tomorrow … or at least play along with my manufactured controversy.

Fox Power Rankings: Dallas is #14

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager has posted his first power ranking, which still has Indianapolis listed first. Not surprisingly, seven of the top 10 teams on the list are in the AFC. The other three are New Orleans (#5), Seattle (#6), and Chicago (#8).

Dallas comes in at #14, ranked behind Philadelphia (#11), San Francisco (#12), and Jacksonville (#13). Not a big shock.

Here is more:

Goodbye Tuna, hello Bum’s kid. It’s a new era in Dallas, and with word of a Super Bowl and a Cleveland first-round pick coming to town in the next few years, there’s unbridled optimism about the future of Cowboys football. Tony Romo’s dating an American Idol, T.O.’s been a model citizen, and the offensive line picked up some valuable new parts over the off-season. Could it really be all so, what’s the word — tranquil — in Dallas ? It seems so. Of course, there’s still some question marks at defensive back, and the starting receivers — Terry Glenn and T.O. — are both in their mid-30s. But all that considered, Dallas should still be in the hunt for a division crown this season, and, at the very least, another Wild Card spot.



Unlike last year, Peter King of Sports Illustrated did not pick Dallas to go to the Super Bowl this season. He instead has the Colts beating the Saints. Here is a thread at the Blue and Silver about this piece– I noted there that King has been way off on almost all of his picks, which does not bode well for those in Indianapolis or New Orleans…

Video: Romo Interview

Here is an interview with Tony Romo that appeared on NFL Access. One highlight: Q: What do you like about Wade Phillips thus far, and what he’s brought to this team? Romo [absent “You know” and “um”]: Wade, he just keeps everyone together. I think he has a good understanding of how a program should […]

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Great Video, Even in Black-and-White

This is one of the best highlight videos I’ve seen yet: Tweet

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Video: Emmitt Smith Tribute

Here is a very good tribute video, featuring Emmitt Smith: (This video is also available for download at CowboysVids, which has a ton of other highlight videos). Tribute to Emmitt SmithAdd to My Profile | More Videos Tweet

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Trivia: 1970 Season

Here are 10 trivia questions about the Cowboys’ 1970 season: Make your own Quiz! Tweet

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Melodrama Via Video: “The Texas Football Massacre”

In case you might have forgotten how the Cowboys lost in the playoffs last year, here’s a short reminder: Tweet

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Need Receivers to Step Up, But At Least Romo’s Head Isn’t Swelling

This is not the best time of year for Cowboys news, given than once a story breaks (TERRELL OWENS RECEIVES ROSTER BONUS! HERE! AND HERE! AND HERE!), every blogger and his sister runs a post on it. But here is a good faith effort to get caught up. First, in addition to the aforementioned (via […]

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Trivia: Super Bowl V

Trying out some software to create a quiz. Below are ten questions related to Super Bowl V: Make your own Quiz! Tweet

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Video: Oh, So Those are Cheerleaders?

There are all sorts of videos showing Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, of course, but this one somehow caught my attention. The title of the video is “Sexy Back…” If you can see a sexy back among this group of cheerleaders, your imagination is much better than mine: For those expecting some form of legitimate entertainment, give […]

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