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Here is a great highlight clip showing the top nine plays of 2006. Pretty good selections.

Dallas Cowboys top 9 plays of 2006

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Johnson Makes a Bit of a Splash

Brad JohnsonQuite a bit of stuff today about how Brad Johnson has disclaimed his role as a mentor to Tony Romo for next season. Here is a little bit of that story:

Brad Johnson was impressed with just about everything the Denver Broncos told him during a visit to the Mile High City last weekend.

But when coach Mike Shanahan mentioned his desire to see Johnson mentor Jay Cutler, the veteran quarterback knew it was time to hear a sales pitch from another team.

Fortunately for Johnson, the Dallas Cowboys didn’t say anything about him tutoring Tony Romo.

“Tony knows football. He doesn’t need another coach,” said Johnson, who signed a three-year, $7.5 million free-agent deal with the Cowboys on Tuesday.

Johnson, who turns 39 in September, doesn’t mind giving Romo a tip or two. But the 15-year veteran made it clear he would rather spend most of his time concentrating on the game plan.

“My thing is to just work hard in practice and have a great relationship with Tony,” Johnson said in a conference call. “And hopefully, he has the greatest year of his life this year and does great things. I want to see him succeed. I want to see the Cowboys succeed. I just want it to be a fun time for all of us, but I’m not here for my health.

“My biggest thing is to just be prepared if something happens.”

We probably don’t need to be reminded of Johnson’s week 13 performance against the Bears: 11 of 26 for 73 yards and 4 interceptions with no touchdowns. Why bring this up? Well, why not?

Anyway, Mickey Spagnola likes the Johnson signing, as does Gil LeBreton.

Here is a little bit more from the Cowboys’ official blog:

Newly-signed backup quarterback Brad Johnson spoke to the media for about 10 minutes via conference call. He sounded excited about coming to Dallas but said he doesn’t consider himself a “mentor” for starter Tony Romo.

Johnson said he thought “very hard” about going to Denver but felt his role would’ve been different because the Broncos wanted more of a mentor for first-round pick Jay Cutler. He said he still feels like he can play but understands his job in Dallas is to stay ready behind Romo.

“Tony, he knows football,” Johnson said. “We already have a quarterbacks coach. He doesn’t need another coach. My thing is to just work hard in practice and to have a great relationship with Tony and hopefully he has the greatest year of his life this year and does great things. I want to see him succeed.”

I’ve seen some fans concerned about Johnson’s age (he’ll turn 39 later this year), but if all goes according to plan he’ll never take a meaningful snap. That’ll mean Tony Romo is healthy and playing well.

Personally, I’ve always liked Johnson’s game. He’s a savvy, business-like guy who isn’t trying to ruffle feathers. At the same time, he sounds pretty motivated – almost to the point of having a chip on his shoulder – and wants to help if called upon.

Remember the Last Playoff Win?

Do you happen to recall the Cowboys’ last playoff win in 1996? It was a 40-15 win over the Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys backup was Wade Wilson. The third stringer was Jason Garrett. And the opposing quarterback was Brad Johnson. Well, we will have a reunion, as the Cowboys signed the 38-year-old quarterback on Monday. […]

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Desperados Dominate New York Dragons, 60-7

The Dallas Desperados opened their 2007 season in impressive fashion, dominating the New York Dragons 60-7. More information is available at Know Your Dallas Desperados. Here is a link to an ESPN clip of the game: Tweet

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Focusing on Longhorn Linemen

ESPN has reported that the Cowboys have reached a deal with free agent lineman Leonard Davis. It will be interesting what this does with the Cowboys’ focus in the draft, given that UT guard/tackle Justin Blalock is an early favorite. My own opinion, which counts for nothing: take Blalock, giving the line two versatile players […]

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Dallas Desperados Open Tomorrow on National Television

This is just a friendly reminder that the Dallas Desperados open their season on Sunday in a nationally-televised game on ABC. A preview of the game is available at Know Your Dallas Desperados. Here is a short preview of Sunday’s game: About the Desperados Dallas, which returns one secondary starter, is 4-1 in openers. … […]

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Optimistic Video

Here is a preview of Super Bowl XLII… Tweet

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New Names in Free Agency and for the Draft

This was dump the veterans week in the NFL, with a number of players released in salary cap moves. Dallas said goodbye to Drew Bledsoe, while other teams let go of such players as Joey Porter, Joe Horn, and Keenan McCardell. Here is more complete list: Here is a more complete list of transactions: _Wide […]

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McBriar: $8.5 Million for Five Years.

According to ESPN, the Cowboys have signed punter Mat McBriar to a five-year deal worth $8.5 million. Now if he could only hold field goals… Even though the Dallas Cowboys usually don’t like to give big deals to kickers, they made a big exception on Wednesday by reaching an agreement on a five-year, $8.5 million […]

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DeMarcus Ware Video: Then and Now

Here’s a short video of DeMarcus Ware, showing him at the NFL Combine in 2005. And here is another shot of him… Tweet

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