Dallas Cowboys Quote Trivia, Part 2, February 19

One of the quotes today comes from Jerry Jones. Of course.
One of the quotes today comes from Jerry Jones. Of course.

Here is today’s edition of Dallas Cowboys Quote Trivia.

Realizing that several visit this site on mobile devices, I will post the answers to the questions in the first comment. I don’t think the quiz plugin I use will work on those devices.

The Quote: "Our team is best served now by a head coach with NFL experience."

The Question: Jerry Jones said this about which of his head coaching hires?

The Quote: "It was a real blow to me," he says, "because I felt the coach didn't have any confidence in me at all. If the Cowboys believed that Roger was better injured than I was healthy, then I began to think that maybe I belonged somewhere else."

The Question: Who said this?

The Quote: "I'm going to Chicago Monday, and there are three or four other teams interested."

The Question: Which free agent made this statement after the 1993 season?

Lance Rentzel vs. Lance Alworth

Lance Rentzel is on the left, while Lance Alworth is on the right.

I don’t often look closely at the searches run to bring people to this site (I should), but I did notice one trend. Some have made their way here by searching for the term “Lance Alworth arrested.”

I am not entirely sure how my site shows up for that search, but I thought it might be worthwhile to clarify the question behind the search.

I have seen questions in forums where a poster will ask whether Lance Alworth was arrested for exposing himself to children. That was not Lance Alworth, who played for the Cowboys in 1971 and 1972 after spending nine seasons in San Diego. That Lance is in the Hall of Fame.

The player who was arrested for exposing himself to a 10-year-old girl was Lance Rentzel, who played for Dallas from 1967 to 1970. Rentzel began his career with the Vikings and ended his career with the Rams.

Not only did both men share the first name, but they both wore #19. Both similarities have probably caused the confusion.

Rentzel was marred to actress Joey Heatherton when the incident happened. She asked for a separation shortly after. His book, When All the Laughter Died in Sorrow, described the shameful incident. A piece published in the Harvard Crimson in 1973 offers a review.

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