Jason Witten Left Off the All-Any-Era Team

The Dallas Cowboys have a tight end who can block better than many tight ends in NFL history. This same tight end ranks 38th in league history in receptions with 696.

You might also recall that Jason Witten gained 53 yards on a play during which he lost his helmet. Here is that particular play:

Well, neither Witten’s old-school toughness nor his modern-era productivity was enough to put him on ESPN’s All-Any-Era list. Witten didn’t even garner honorable mention, while RB Chris Johnson did. Sorry, but that’s just nonsense.

The Steelers wound up with four players on the 20-man list, including Hines Ward because of his toughness. Please see the video above re: toughness.

Tim Tebow made this list as well. That’s Tim Tebow and his 14 career NFL starts. During this time, he has won eight games while completing 47.3% of his passes.

Wasn’t this list about players who would excel in any era?

Again, this is just nonsense.

* * *

The Cowboys had another player show up on a similar list. Thomas Neumann listed 10 Anti-All-Era Team to coincide with the main ESPN deal.

Coming in at #6 was QB Eddie LeBaron. He was a starter in Washington before joining the expansion Cowboys in 1960.

According to Neumann, LeBaron would not excel in any era because of his height.

At 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds, LeBaron defied the odds to reach the NFL. He was tough — a former Marine who served in the Korean War — and went on to play 11 seasons at quarterback with the Redskins and Cowboys and another 11 in the CFL, from 1952 to 1963. He was the Cowboys’ starter in the team’s first two years of existence.

 Unfortunately, in today’s supersized game, LeBaron might find himself stuffed into a locker on a daily basis — by the kicking specialists.

 On the bright side, the pint-sized signal-caller was presumably the inspiration for the Chrysler LeBaron, the epic luxury sedan that seduced America with power and luxury.

By the way, LeBaron only played one year in the CFL (with Calgary in 1954), not 11 as this quote says.

* * *

Oh, there is another one-time Cowboy on Neumann’s list. He ranks Bill and Martin Gramatica at #3. Martin was the Cowboys kicker late in 2006 and was the one who would have kicked the go-ahead field goal against Seattle had Tony Romo been able to get the snap down.

DeMarcus Ware Makes the All-Any-Era Team

Know Your Dallas CowboysHard to believe that Jason Witten won’t show up on this list.

ESPN is running a poll featuring players who would excel during any NFL era. The Cowboys weren’t left out.

Coming in at #12 is OLB DeMarcus Ware. He joins James Harrison, Patrick Willis, and Brian Urlacher as the other linebackers announced so far.

ESPN will announce the final four players on Friday.

The story about Ware included quotes from former stars Darrell Green, John Randle, and James Lofton. Here is Randle’s quote:

There are some guys, linebackers and defensive ends, in today’s game who can run, but they can’t dip their shoulder or maneuver around those corners using their hands, but DeMarcus is a great linebacker, but he’s also a great pass-rusher. And he’s a great defensive lineman because he has the speed and the ability to take on blocks and to take on double teams.

It’s hard to believe that TE Jason Witten won’t show up on this list. We’ll find out tomorrow.

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