Cowboys Will Visit the Giants to Open the 2012 Season

Emmitt Smith 1995
Emmitt Smith rushed for 163 yards and four touchdowns in 1995, the last time Dallas faced the Giants in New Jersey for the opening game.

The big news this week is that the Cowboys will open their 2012 season at Met Life Stadium. The teams will play on a Wednesday night (September 5) because President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak before the Democratic National Convention on Thursday that week.

The 2012 season marks the sixth time that Dallas has faced the Giants in the opening week. Here is a summary of those other five games:

September 19, 1965: at Cowboys 31, Giants 2

Only two opponents in Dallas history have scored a total of two points (obviously from a safety). The first time this happened was in a 31-2 blowout win for Dallas.

September 18, 1966: at Cowboys 52, Giants 7

The Giants did not have better luck in 1966. Dallas has scored 50 or more points in only eight regular season games. Three of those games came in 1966 alone.

September 8, 1986: at Cowboys 31, Giants 28

This game marked Herschel Walker’s debut with Dallas. He scored the game-winner with a 10-yard run late in the fourth quarter of this Monday Night classic.

September 4, 1995: Cowboys 35, at Giants 0

The only other time the Cowboys opened a season by visiting the Giants was in 1995. Emmitt Smith kick-started the season with a 60-yard touchdown run. This was the Cowboys’ first shutout win over the Giants in their long history.

September 9, 2007: Cowboys 45, Giants 35

The Cowboys stormed out of the gate in 2007 by scoring 45 against the Giants at Texas Stadium. Dallas beat the Giants again later in the season en route to a 13-3 record. However, New York beat Dallas in the playoffs and went on to win the Super Bowl.


Dirk Nowitzki Is More Beloved Than All of the Cowboys Legends

Forget your Cowboys. Dirk Nowitzki is the most beloved athlete in Dallas.

I previously posted a brief story showing that fans on ESPN had considered Dirk Nowitzki to be more beloved than former Cowboys head coach Tom Landry.

Okay. Younger fans don’t know Tom Landry. He passed away 12 years ago. I get it.

But the poll didn’t end there. Nowitzki then earned more votes than Roger Staubach to make the finals of this competition. The vote between Nowitzki and Landry (51%-49%) was actually closer than the Nowitzki/Staubach vote (57%-43%).

Emmitt Smith edged out Troy Aikman for the other spot in the finals, meaning that Smith was the Cowboys’ last chance to knock off the big German. It didn’t happen, and now Dirk Nowitzki is hailed as the most beloved Dallas athlete in history.


My theories:

1. Most of the 161,622 who participated must have been younger. A 21-year-old was only five years old when the Cowboys last played in a Super Bowl. I doubt that is cemented in his mind the way that Nowitzki’s heroics are. Roger Staubach and Tom Landry represent ancient history.

2. It’s basketball season, so the site had more basketball fans. Test my theory by running this poll in September.

3. I’m old and cantankerous and just can’t accept that a member of the Dallas Mavericks is more beloved than all these Cowboys. (I’m not even sure how this theory got here, but I’ll leave it in anyway).

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