Animated Trivia: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

Answer some trivia questions about a game between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams.

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The Show, Episode 16: Gnome’s $89.95 Bailout Proposal

In this episode, Gnome pitches his proposal for an $89.95 bailout which would allow him to pay off a $59.95 charge on his Visa for new video software and would also allow him to purchase a new microphone. * * * Here are the previews for tomorrow’s game: Accuscore: Dallas 31, Washington 18 Dallas won […]

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Episode 15 of Know Your Dallas Cowboys: The Show

In this episode of Know Your Dallas Cowboys: The Show, Gnome gets a bit emotional discussing the Cowboys’ win over Philadelphia. He sends his cousin, Dome, up to Green Bay to report about what people do for fun in Green Bay. As Dome discovers, people there just flock to Lambeau Field to look at it, […]

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Episode 12 of Know Your Dallas Cowboys, The Show: Browns vs. Cowboys Classic Rivalry

Given the lack of viewers, we decided to rename our show from 10 Minutes to Know Your Dallas Cowboys to Know Your Dallas Cowboys: The Show so that we could produce episodes that were less than 10 minutes long. As it turns out, this show ended up being just about 10 minutes long, thus meaning […]

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