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Animated Trivia: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

Continuing my summer of fun with animated GIFs…

Here is an animation showing Randy White tackling a member of the Los Angeles Rams. Questions appear below the image.


(1) During which season did this game take place?

(2) The Cowboys and Rams had quite a history in playoff games during the 1970s and 1980s. What was significant about this game?

(3) For fans of the L.A. Rams: Who was the quarterback in this animation, and what happened to him after this season?

(4) What did Tony Dorsett accomplish in this game?

The Show, Episode 16: Gnome’s $89.95 Bailout Proposal

In this episode, Gnome pitches his proposal for an $89.95 bailout which would allow him to pay off a $59.95 charge on his Visa for new video software and would also allow him to purchase a new microphone.

* * *

Here are the previews for tomorrow’s game:

Accuscore: Dallas 31, Washington 18

Dallas won 84% of the simulations on Accuscore by an average score of 30.7 for Dallas and 17.5 for Washington.

WhatIfSports: Dallas 28, Washington 15

The WhatIfSports simulations also heavily favored the Cowboys, as Dallas won 86.6% of those games.

CBS Sportsline

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You can vote for the greatest game between the Redskins and Cowboys at Texas Stadium at the Dallas Morning News site.

Episode 15 of Know Your Dallas Cowboys: The Show

In this episode of Know Your Dallas Cowboys: The Show, Gnome gets a bit emotional discussing the Cowboys’ win over Philadelphia. He sends his cousin, Dome, up to Green Bay to report about what people do for fun in Green Bay. As Dome discovers, people there just flock to Lambeau Field to look at it, even though they live four or five blocks away.

Episode 12 of Know Your Dallas Cowboys, The Show: Browns vs. Cowboys Classic Rivalry

Given the lack of viewers, we decided to rename our show from 10 Minutes to Know Your Dallas Cowboys to Know Your Dallas Cowboys: The Show so that we could produce episodes that were less than 10 minutes long. As it turns out, this show ended up being just about 10 minutes long, thus meaning that we just changed the name for really no good reason.

Here is some background information that relates to the show:

Between 1960 and 1970, Dallas faced Cleveland 20 times, including the playoffs. The Browns won 14 of those games, including two huge playoff games at the end of the 1960s. You might or might not know the names of some of the Cowboy-killers of the decade: Jim Brown (232 yards vs. Dallas in 1963); Bobby Mitchell (3 TDs in 1960; 140 rushing yards in 1962); Rich Kreitling (several touchdown receptions vs. Dallas); Gary Collins (same); Paul Warfield (same); Frank Ryan (Cleveland QB); Bill Nelson (Cleveland QB); Leroy Kelly (another of Cleveland’s Hall of Fame RBs).

This series was not all bad news for Dallas, though. The Cowboys pulled off one of their best performance in early franchise history when they routed the Browns 45-21 on December 2, 1962. The picture below (also featured in the clip) show Amos Marsh running for a few of his 117 yards that day.

Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Amos Marsh

Cleveland currently leads the series, 17-11. Below is a list of each of the games, which are linked to the box scores available at

Oct. 16, 1960 (at Dallas): Cleveland 48, Dallas 7
Oct. 1, 1961 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 25, Dallas 7
Dec. 3, 1961 (at Dallas): Cleveland 38, Dallas 17
Oct. 7, 1962 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 19, Dallas 10
Dec. 2, 1962 (at Dallas): Dallas 45, Cleveland 21
Sept. 22, 1963 (at Dallas): Cleveland 41, Dallas 24
Nov. 24, 1963 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 27, Dallas 17
Oct. 4, 1964 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 27, Dallas 6
Oct. 18, 1964 (at Dallas): Cleveland 20, Dallas 16
Oct. 17, 1965 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 23, Dallas 17
Nov. 21, 1965 (at Dallas): Cleveland 24, Dallas 17

Oct. 23, 1966 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 30, Dallas 21
Nov. 24, 1966 (at Dallas): Dallas 26, Cleveland 14
Sept. 17, 1967 (at Cleveland): Dallas 21, Cleveland 14

NFL PlayoffsDec. 24, 1967 (at Dallas): Dallas 52, Cleveland 14

Sept. 22, 1968 (at Dallas): Dallas 28, Cleveland 7

NFL PlayoffsDec. 21, 1968 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 31, Dallas 20

Nov. 2, 1969 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 42, Dallas 10

NFL PlayoffsDec. 28, 1969 (at Dallas): Cleveland 38, Dallas 14

Dec. 12, 1970 (at Cleveland): Dallas 6, Cleveland 2
Dec. 7, 1974 (at Dallas): Dallas 41, Cleveland 17
Sept. 24, 1979 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 26, Dallas 7
Nov. 25, 1982 (at Dallas): Dallas 31, Cleveland 14
Sept. 22, 1985 (at Dallas): Dallas 20, Cleveland 7
Dec. 4, 1988 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 24, Dallas 21
Sept. 1, 1991 (at Cleveland): Dallas 26, Cleveland 14
Dec. 10, 1994 (at Dallas): Cleveland 19, Dallas 14
Sept. 19, 2004 (at Dallas): Dallas 19, Dallas 12