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Animated Trivia: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

Continuing my summer of fun with animated GIFs…

Here is an animation showing Randy White tackling a member of the Los Angeles Rams. Questions appear below the image.


(1) During which season did this game take place?

(2) The Cowboys and Rams had quite a history in playoff games during the 1970s and 1980s. What was significant about this game?

(3) For fans of the L.A. Rams: Who was the quarterback in this animation, and what happened to him after this season?

(4) What did Tony Dorsett accomplish in this game?

50 Seasons Series: Cowboys' 1983 Season Falls Apart

Part of the 50 Seasons Series.

The 1983 Cowboys had an uphill climb if they were going to return to their fourth straight NFC title game, let along Super Bowl XVIII. They never came close.

Week 17: San Francisco 42, Dallas 17

In the final week of the season, Washington beat the New York Giants, giving the Redskins a 14-2 record, the NFC East title, and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. With nothing to play for, the Cowboys faced the improved San Francisco 49ers in the first matchup between the teams since “The Catch” in 1981.

Dallas played like a team with nothing to play for against the 49ers. Thanks to a Dana McLemore punt return and a 77-yard touchdown pass from Joe Montana to Freddie Solomon, San Francisco raced out to a 21-3 first quarter lead. Dallas cut the lead to 28-17 at one point, but San Francisco pulled away from there.

Dallas turned the ball over five times, and Tony Dorsett only managed 32 yards on 15 carries.

Cowboys Lose, To Face Rams in the Playoffs (DMN)

Box Score

Wildcard Playoff Round: L.A. Rams 24, Dallas 17

The Rams and Cowboys faced off in the playoffs for the seventh time in 1983. The Cowboys had won four of the previous six games against Los Angeles, but the ugly play continued for Dallas in the playoffs. Dallas turned the ball over four times in a 24-17 loss.

The score was tied at the half, and the team had some success moving the ball through the air. Danny White threw for 330 yards with two touchdowns, with nine of his throws going to Tony Hill for 115 yards. White’s three interceptions were another matter, though. All occurred on consecutive possessions of the second half, leading to 10 Los Angeles points.

Dallas trailed 24-10 in the fourth quarter, and despite scoring to close the gap to a touchdown, the Cowboys could not come back.

Doomsday for Cowboys (DMN)

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