Animated Trivia: Emmitt Smith

See an animated GIF featuring Emmitt Smith, along with trivia questions related to the play.

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What-If Wednesday: What if the Cowboys had defeated the Lions in the 1991 playoffs?

What if the Dallas Cowboys had beaten the Detroit Lions in the 1991 playoffs?

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Fantasy Football Circa 1993: Emmitt Smith Dominates

Emmitt Smith graced the cover of Cliff Charpentier’s 1993 Fantasy Football Digest.

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How Much Longer Can Jason Witten Play at This Level?

Jason Witten is now the franchise leader in career receptions.

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A Great Opening Day Game by a Forgotten Cowboy

A receiver once caught 10 passes for 241 yards in one of the great moments in Dallas Cowboys history.

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Cowboys Need to Change Their WR Strategy

During their dynasty in the 1990s, the Cowboys relied primarily on four players at the wide receiver position: Michael Irvin, Kelvin Martin, Alvin Harper, and Kevin Williams. Irvin, of course, dominated this group, but each of the others played vital roles during the Cowboys’ playoff runs between 1992 and 1996: Harper made three of the […]

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Greatest Cowboys By Their Jersey Numbers: #88

Part of the Greatest Players by Number Series Jersey #88 Nine players have worn #88 for the Cowboys. This includes six wide receivers, a linebacker, a tight end, and a punter/kicker. Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh, 2002-04 Statistics: Bryant caught 99 passes for 1549 yards and 8 TDs with Dallas. Accolades: None. Longevity: He played less […]

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