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Cowboys Move Up to 12th in Stat-Based Power Rankings

yoursign.jpgThe Cowboys continue to hover above the median in the stat-based power rankings. These rankings are based on a simple formula:

(1) Total offense (33.33%)
(2) Total defense (33.33%)
(3) Turnover ratio (16.67%)
(4) Point differential (16.67%)

Dallas now has the #1 ranked offense in the league, which balances out the 21st-ranked defense. The team’s point differential over five games is +24, or 4.80 points per game. This ranks 11th in the league. The worst stat, though, is turnover differential. By turning the ball over twice against Kansas City and failing to record a turnover, Dallas now has a ratio of -4. This ranks a miserable 27th in the NFL.

Here are the rankings:

1. N.Y. Giants (5-0). Last week: #1
2. New Orleans (5-0). Last week: #2
3. Denver (5-0). Last week: #3
4. Philadelphia (3-1). Last week: #5
5. Indianapolis (5-0). Last week: #6
6. Baltimore (3-2). Last week: #4
7. Pittsburgh (3-2). Last week: #8
8. New England (3-2). Last week: #7
9. Minnesota (5-0). Last week: #10
10. Seattle (2-3). Last week: #19
11. Green Bay (2-2). Last week: #9
12. Dallas (3-2). Last week: #13
13. Atlanta (3-1). Last week: #25
14. Miami (2-3). Last week: #14
15. Washington (2-3). Last week: #18
16. Chicago (3-1). Last week: #16
17. N.Y. Jets (3-2). Last week: #12
18. Houston (2-3). Last week: #23
19. Cincinnati (4-1). Last week: #20
20. San Diego (2-2). Last week: #17
21. San Francisco (3-2). Last week: #11
22. Arizona (2-2). Last week: #21
23. Jacksonville (2-3). Last week: #14
24. Tennessee (0-5). Last week: #21
25. Detroit (1-4). Last week: #24
26. Buffalo (1-4). Last week: #28
27. Carolina (1-3). Last week: #29
28. Tampa Bay (0-5). Last week: #30
29. Kansas City (0-5). Last week: #31
30. St. Louis (0-5). Last week: #27
31. Oakland (1-4). Last week: #26
32. Cleveland (1-4). Last week: #32


Minnesota (5-0): The Vikings only rank 19th in total offense, which hurts their overall ranking. Minnesota leads the league in turnover differential, though, and the Vikings average point differential per game is 13.20, which is third best in the league.

Seattle (2-3): The Seahawks have actually looked good on paper, ranking 12th in total offense and 11th in total defense.

Cincinnati (4-1): The Bengals only rank 18th in total offense and 17th in total defense, explaining their low ranking. Their point differential per game is also a rather low 2.20 per game, thanks to several last-minute wins.

Washington (2-3): Yes, the Redskins lost to the previously winless Panthers. The reason why Washington ranks so high (15th) is the Redskin defense, which ranks fourth in the NFL.

Atlanta (3-1): The Cowboys’ next opponent jumped from 25th to 13th thanks to the Falcons’ destruction of the 49ers. Atlanta now ranks 13th in total offense but just 20th in total defense.


The Cowboys’ overtime win over the Chiefs didn’t help Dallas in other power-ranking polls.  ESPN ranks Dallas 17th, just behind San Diego and San Francisco.

The Cowboys have miles to go to play better football, but at least
Miles Austin made Sunday’s visit to the Chiefs profitable. (Clayton)

MVN Outsider also has Dallas in the middle of the pack, ranking the Cowboys 15th.

Miles Austin saved Wade Phillips’ job on Sunday. Period. Point blank. End of discussion.

In Football Outsiders’ team-efficiency rankings, the Cowboys moved up from 12th to 11th.

Cowboys Drop Two Spots in Stat-Based Power Rankings

This is the second week we will look at how the Cowboys rank in the stat-based power rankings. These rankings are fairly simple and are based on the following:

(1) Total offense (33.33%)
(2) Total defense (33.33%)
(3) Turnover ratio (16.67%)
(4) Point differential (16.67%)

Last week, the Cowboys ranked #11 thanks to a strong #3 ranking on offense. Dallas fell to fourth on offense after the loss to the Broncos, and the Cowboys also lost ground on turnover ratio (-1 vs. Denver) and point differential (-7 thanks to the loss).

1. N.Y. Giants (4-0). 175 points (no change). Last week: #1
2. New Orleans (4-0). 174 points (+3). Last week: #4
3. Denver (4-0). 173 points (no change). Last week: #2
4. Baltimore (3-1). 163 points (-9). Last week: #3
5. Philadelphia (2-1). 161 points (+5). Last week: #5
6. Indianapolis (4-0). 157 points (+10). Last week: #7
7. New England (3-1). 147 points (-5). Last week: #6
8. Pittsburgh (2-2). 131 points (+20). Last week: #13
9. Green Bay (2-2). 128 points (+23). Last week: #15
10. Minnesota (4-0). 127 points (-18). Last week: #8
11. San Francisco (3-1). 123 points (+27). Last week: #17
12. New York Jets (3-1). 114 points (-27). Last week: #9
13. Dallas (2-2). 109 points (-7). Last week: #11
14(t). Jacksonville (2-2). 101 points (+14). Last week: #19
14(t). Miami (1-3). 101 points (+31). Last week: #24
16. Chicago (3-1). 100 points (+3). Last week: #16
17. San Diego (2-2). 96 points (-33). Last week: #10
18. Washington (2-2). 95 points (-11). Last week: #14
19. Seattle (1-3). 89 points (-27). Last week: #12
20. Cincinnati (3-1). 88 points (+9). Last week: #22
21. Arizona (1-2). 85 points (+1). Last week: #20
22. Tennessee (0-4). 85 points (-5). Last week: #18
23. Houston (2-2). 84 points (+19). Last week: #25
24. Detroit (1-3). 65 points (+18). Last week: #28
25. Atlanta (2-1). 63 points (-19). Last week: #21
26. Oakland (1-3). 53 points (+3). Last week: #27
27. St. Louis (0-4). 42 points (+5). Last week: #31
28. Buffalo (1-3). 41 points (-32). Last week: #23
29. Carolina (0-3). 40 points (-2). Last week: #29
30. Tampa Bay (0-4). 39 points (-1). Last week: #30
31. Kansas City (0-4). 36 points (-14). Last week: #26
32. Cleveland (0-4). 14 points (+3). Last week: #32

A few notes:

9. Green Bay: The Packers might have lost the Vikings, but Green Bay outgained the Vikings by 90 yards. Green Bay thus moved up from 22nd to 13th in total offense, which allowed the Packers to move up in the rankings despite the loss.

10. Minnesota: The Vikings won but lost ground thanks to giving up more than 400 yards on defense.

Biggest gain : Miami (10 spots and 31 ranking points). The Dolphins helped themselves by holding Buffalo to 206 yards of offense.  The turnover ratio in the game was +3 in Miami’s favor, and it helped that Miami won by 28 points. All of this was enough to propel the Dolphins to the highest spot among 1-3 teams.

Second biggest gain:  San Francisco (6 spots and 27 ranking points).  The 49ers weren’t great on offense, but the team held St. Louis to just 177 total yards. The Rams also turned the ball over three times, compared with no turnovers by the 49ers.

Biggest drop: San Diego (7 spots and 33 ranking points).  After giving up 497 yards to the Steelers, the Chargers fell from 14th in the league on defense to 24th.

Second biggest drop:  Buffalo (5 spots and 32 ranking points).  The Bills had respectable numbers before the loss to the Dolphins, but managing only 206 yards and committing three turnovers hurts in this ranking system.

Cowboys (#13) vs. Chiefs (#31)

The Cowboys currently rank fourth in total offense but only 26th in total defense. With a turnover ratio of -2, Dallas ranks 19th. The Cowboys’ point differential is +10.

The Chiefs have struggled this season, scoring more than 20 points just once. Kansas City is even in turnover ratio, which is one of the team’s best stats. Kansas City currently ranks 31st in total offense and 28th in total defense.


DVOA:  In the far more sophisticated poll, Dallas ranks 12th by Football Outsiders. The Chiefs rank 26th.

ESPN: Dallas ranks 17th.

Apparently, the Cowboys got confused. Jerry Jones called them “champs,”
but Tony Romo interpreted it by throwing toward Champ Bailey. (Clayton)

Cowboys Fall to 14th in Composite Power Rankings

The Cowboys fell a spot or two in most of the power rankings this week, but most did not punish Dallas given that the Giants are ranked so high. A loss to Carolina, though, will likely send the Cowboys falling.

Sports Illustrated (Don Banks): 13th

The Cowboys moved up from 15th to 13th on this list.

The Cowboys came out of their Sunday-nighter with some issues — Tony
Romo’s inaccuracy and their secondary’s porous coverage — but there
were still some positives to build on with their strong running game
and run defense against the Giants. Speaking of issues, the
Giants-Cowboys game reminded me of one that bores me to tears: The
celebration of big TV ratings. I really don’t care that 24.8 million
people watched the Giants-Cowboys Sunday night on NBC. Not in the
least. I know NBC cares, and it should. Ditto for the NFL. But I don’t
care. I know I watched the game. I was there, and it was on in the
press box. But after that? Yawn.

ESPN: 15th

ESPN dropped Dallas from 13th to 15th.

Two problems don’t go away: critical turnovers by Tony Romo and giving up big plays on defense. (Clayton)

Fox Sports: 16th

Dallas likewise fell three spots in Fox Sports’ rankings.

NO WORRIES: The offseason hype was dead on about the
Dallas running game, now that Felix Jones is healthy. The duo of Marion
Barber-Felix Jones combined for 220 rushing yards against the
intimidating Giants in Week 2.
TIME TO WORRY: Tony Romo opened Jerry Jones’ new palace with a major dud and still can’t seem to win the big ones.

CBS (Pete Prisco): 10th

Like Don Banks, Prisco moved the Cowboys up after the loss.

Talk all you want about how poorly Tony Romo played, but if they don’t
improve on defense it won’t matter. That unit has given up too many big
plays in two games in the passing game. That needs to be fixed quickly.

NFL.com (expert picks): 13th

Dallas stayed in the same spot according to NFL.com

FanHouse: 15th

Dallas fell five spots according to AOL.

Whether they’re playing in old Texas Stadium, JerryWorld or on Saturn,
the Cowboys are much more effective when they’re running the ball than
when they’re asking Tony Romo
to win games with his arm. This was obvious to everybody who was
watching Sunday night except the people calling the Cowboys’ plays.
They gave away a game, and they’ll keep doing it if they keep failing
to identify their strength.

Cold, Hard Football Facts: 12th

Dallas fell from 9th to 12th in CHFF’s rankings.

The Cowboys are 29th in the NFL in yards
per play allowed (6.4), 29th in first downs allowed (22.5) and 26th in
points allowed. Oh, and no sacks. Oh, and no turnovers forced. In other
words, maybe the defense isn’t so hot. However, 7.6 yards per play on
offense (1st) and an amazing 7.0 YPA (1st) on the ground will mask a
lot of problems on the other side of the ball.

USA Today: 13th

The Cowboys moved up a spot according to USA Today.

BetUS: 11th

Tony Romo can’t play this bad every week….can he?

WhatIfSports: 12th

The Cowboys’ biggest fall on this list was on WhatIfSports’ list. According to WhatIfSports’ simulations, the Cowboys won 58.7 percent of the games based on current statistics.

Composite Power Rankings

Here are the rankings according to averages in the polls above.

1. New York Giants (2-0)
2. New Orleans (2-0)
3. New York Jets (2-0)
4. Baltimore (2-0)
5. Atlanta (2-0)
6. Indianapolis (2-0)
7. Minnesota (2-0)
8. Pittsburgh (1-1)
9. New England (1-1)
10. Philadelphia (1-1)
11. San Francisco (2-0)
12. San Diego (1-1)
13. Chicago (1-1)
14. Dallas (1-1)
15. Arizona (1-1)
16. Green Bay (1-1)
17. Denver (2-0)
18. Tennessee (0-2)
19. Houston (1-1)
20. Cincinnati (1-1)
21. Buffalo (1-1)
22. Miami (0-2)
23. Seattle (1-1)
24. Washington (1-1)
25. Oakland (1-1)
26. Carolina (0-2)
27. Jacksonville (0-2)
28. Kansas City (0-2)
29. Tampa Bay (0-2)
30. Cleveland (0-2)
31. Detroit (0-2)
32. St. Louis (0-2)

Week 2: Cowboys Rank 13th in Composite Power Rankings

Here is another weekly feature– we will review 10 power rankings polls from a variety of different media sources to see where the Cowboys fall. Below is a summary of where the Cowboys rank on these lists, followed by a list based on a composite of these ten lists.

Sports Illustrated (Don Banks): 15th

The Cowboys moved up from 17th to 15th according to SI’s Don Banks.

OK, Cowboys fans. I can hear you hollering already about a
middle-of-the-pack ranking after such an impressive offensive display
in the opener at Tampa Bay. Patience, patience. I’m headed to Dallas
this week for the grudge match against the Giants on Sunday night, and
let’s see how Tony Romo and the passing game fares against a
defense that doesn’t have safeties running in molasses like the Bucs.
Win this one and you’ll make a big move. Promise.

(I should have said something similar about my relative value ranking of Martellus Bennett, but I don’t think anyone would buy it)

ESPN: 13th

The Cowboys moved up further on the ESPN list, moving from 17th to 13th.

Roy Williams seems fine as the team’s No. 1 receiver, and he doesn’t
cause the internal problems Terrell Owens created. (Clayton)

Fox Sports: 13th

GLASS HALF FULL: Feel better now? Tony Romo silenced
doubters who wondered if the Cowboys could handle the term “offense”
without Terrell Owens with three big-play home runs at Tampa. Without
the weekly T.O. distraction, Dallas could be back in the division race.

GLASS HALF EMPTY: That sure was a slow-starting
first half, and until the lowly Bucs took a late second-quarter lead
Dallas played like little ‘Boys in getting pushed around down low.

CBS (Pete Prisco): 12th

According to Prisco:

The passing game was potent against the Bucs, but now will get a stiff
test against a good Giants defense. The receivers have to continue to
play big.

NFL.com (expert picks): 13th

The Cowboys come in right behind the Titans, Falcons, and Saints.

FanHouse: 10th

Impressive season-opening air show against the Bucs, but it’s
dangerous. Boys will still be at their best if they lean toward the

Cold, Hard Football Facts: 9th

This is more like it:

Tony Romo (16 of 27, 353 yards) averaged a
Lamonica-esque 22.1 yards per completion and a spectacular 13.1 yards
per attempt against the woeful Bucs so-called “defense.” Romo surpassed Peyton Manning in the process for the second-best career passer rating in NFL history (95.7).

USA Today: 13th

Similar to other polls, USA Today has Dallas just behind the Falcons, Saints, and Titans.

BetUS: 11th

At least we now know that Terrell Owens will not be missed.

WhatIfSports: 4th

Wow! Here is a description of how WhatIfSports ranks its teams:

WhatIfSports.com utilizes its NFL football simulation engine to present
the most comprehensive, deterministic and unbiased ranking of all 32
teams. We simulated every possible match-up in the NFL 100 times, and
used the winning percentages from those nearly 50,000 games to evaluate
every team. All 32 teams are ranked below with their average points for
and against from the simulated games. All rosters and depth charts are
up-to-date as of Monday night of each week.

Composite Power Rankings

Below are the rankings based on the averages from these polls. The Cowboys are just behind the New Orleans Saints, who rank as high as 5th on the SI poll.

1. Pittsburgh (1-0)
2. New England (1-0)
3. N.Y. Giants (1-0)
4. Philadelphia (1-0)
5. San Diego (1-0)
6. Minnesota (1-0)
7. Baltimore (1-0)
8. Indianapolis (1-0)
9. Atlanta (1-0)
10. Tenneseee (0-1)
11. Green Bay (1-0)
12. New Orleans (1-0)
13. Dallas (1-0)
14. N.Y. Jets (1-0)
15. San Francisco (1-0)
16. Seattle (1-0)
17. Arizona (0-1)
18. Chicago (0-1)
19. Miami (0-1)
20. Washington (0-1)
21. Buffalo (0-1)
22. Denver (1-0)
23. Houston (0-1)
24. Carolina (0-1)
25. Jacksonville (0-1)
26. Cincinnati (0-1)
27. Oakland (0-1)
28. Tampa Bay (0-1)
29. Kansas City (0-1)
30. Cleveland (0-1)
31. Detroit (0-1)
32. St. Louis (0-1)

Cowboys Tumble in Power Rankings After Loss to Ravens

I’m personally not in the mood to discuss the futures of Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, or anyone else right now. I’d rather focus on whether Bruce Read is fired after this season.

And, well, whether the Cowboys push this season back another week with a win over the Eagles.

The Cowboys took a drop in most power rankings as a result of their loss to the Ravens last week. Even the Lions wouldn’t have given up back-to-back runs like Dallas did, but the Cowboys did not quite fall to the level of the Lions in these rankings.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are in the jinxed #10 spot

The #10 spot in Jeremy Green’s Green Elevator is supposedly jinxed. Given that the Cowboys never perform the way anyone expects, maybe this jinx will turn out to be good luck.


2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #10

The Cowboys fell from #6 to #10 in the ESPN writers’ poll.

This might be the luckiest team in the league. Let’s see whether the Cowboys can capitalize on their good fortune. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #8

Adrian Hasenmayer chimes in on the Fire Wade Phillips theme but only knocks the Cowboys down two spots to #8.

Jerry Jones has gone on record saying there’s no way he’s even thinking about firing Wade Phillips. How can he say that honestly, when all it takes is one loss in Philly this week and yet another season goes up in smoke? Dallas has fumbled away nearly every golden opportunity this season.

4. CBS Sportsline: Cowboys are #9

Pete Prisco dropped Dallas from #6 to #9.

If they beat the Eagles, they’re in the playoffs. If not, it will be a long, long offseason and heads will roll.

5. NBC Sports: Cowboys are #10

The Cowboys dropped from #6 to #10 according to both NBC Sports’ experts and the fan voting.

6. NFL.com’s Vic Carucci: Cowboys are #10

Carucci had Dallas rated higher than just about anyone in the past few weeks, but even he dropped the Cowboys to #10 this week.

Thanks for the memories, Texas Stadium … not!

Cowboys Rise to #6 in Several Power Rankings Lists

It wasn’t long ago that many commentators had dropped the Cowboys below the middle of the pack in their power rankings. Since early November, however, Dallas has steadily climbed back, and now most of the power rankings polls have the Cowboys at #6 or close to it.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are #6

Dallas rose back to #6 in the Green Elevator by Jeremy Green.

Note: Scroll to the 00:28:04 mark.


According to Green and his producer, the Cowboys should have two Pro Bowl players: Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware.

2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #6

The Cowboys’ win over the Giants vaulted Dallas to #6, one ahead of Baltimore and two ahead of the Atlanta Falcons.

Dallas scored a huge win over the Giants. Its defense has been superb and could be dangerous in the playoffs. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #6

Adrian Hasenmayer moved Dallas back into the top 10 after placing the Cowboys at #11 last week.

The Cowboys are now who we thought they were before this season began, going 4-1 since their bye week. Tony Romo’s return is the big difference, right? Wrong — his play has helped, no doubt.

4. CBS Sportsline: Cowboys are #6

Pete Prisco moved the Cowboys up one spot, from #7 to #6.

Despite all their problems, especially off the field, they can lock up a playoff spot with two consecutive victories. If they get in, they’ll be dangerous.

5. NBC Sports: Cowboys are #6

The Cowboys oddly fell to #6 from a little bit higher ranking on NBC Sports.

6. NFL.com’s Vic Carucci: Cowboys are #4

One again, Dallas ranks one spot ahead of Indianapolis on Vic Carucci’s list.

Funny how a win can turn down the drama … for one week, at least.

Cowboys Don’t Fall Far in the Power Rankings

In general, those who rank teams in their power rankings did not punish Dallas for the loss to Pittsburgh. Many commentators have noted that the Cowboys’ defense has looked much better, though there is widespread concern that the Cowboys could have a lapse following their breakdown against the Steelers. Hard to believe that the Cowboys won’t be doubting themselves as they prepare for the Giants, but it is really do or die time right now.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are #8

Dallas dropped to #8 in the Green Elevator this week, one ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Note: Scroll to the 00:18:51 mark.


According to Green and his producer, the Cowboys should have two Pro Bowl players: Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware.

2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #8

The Cowboys did not drop at all on ESPN’s poll, where Dallas still trails the Giants, Panthers, and Buccaneers.

The defense was great, but the collapse could cause a hangover. Tony Romo wasn’t himself. He needs to have a strong game against the Giants. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #11

Adrian Hasenmayer dropped Dallas three spots this week to #11, which is the lowest spot among the six polls featured here. In his poll, Hasenmayer puts the Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, Buccaneers, Panthers, and Giants ahead of Dallas.

The team with the NFL’s toughest schedule in the season’s final quarter could not afford to give one away, and certainly not in such excruciating fashion — blowing a 10-point lead by allowing 17 points in the last 7:15 in Pittsburgh.

4. CBS Sportsline: Cowboys are #7

Pete Prisco did not drop the Cowboys, who remain at #7 on his poll.

Their defense is playing better, which is a good sign, heading down the stretch. If they lose to the Giants, the playoffs might be a dream.

5. NBC Sports: Cowboys are #5

Dallas dropped two spots on the NBC poll, but the Cowboys are still ahead of Tampa Bay here.

6. NFL.com’s Vic Carucci: Cowboys are #4

This is a bit shocking: Vic Carucci of NFL.com kept Dallas at the #4 spot– ONE AHEAD OF INDIANAPOLIS! (And I never use bold or ALL-CAPS to express myself, let alone both!)

The road to the postseason only gets more treacherous.

Yes, it does.

Cowboys Solidly in the Top 10 in Power Rankings

Two wins over two below-average teams have helped the Cowboys move solidly into the top ten in most power rankings lists. In fact, some have Dallas as high as four, though the Cowboys will have to play lights out football in December to retain a ranking that high.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are #7

Green currently ranks Dallas ahead of the Ravens, Jets, and the Falcons, which is a little bit surprising. He has Pittsburgh ranked #3, which isn’t at all surprising.

Note: Scroll to the 00:19:26 mark.


2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #8

The Cowboys are behind the Buccaneers, the Panthers, the Colts, and the Jets in the ESPN writers’ poll.

The Cowboys are gaining some momentum, but they’re known for December swoons. And a road game in Pittsburgh looms. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #8

Dallas is also #8 according to Adrian Hasenmayer of Fox Sports, who writes:

The Cowboys look like the team we thought they were at the start of the season before The Talented Mr. Romo hurt his pinky. Dallas has beat up on some NFC West doormats the past two weeks to build some confidence, which they’ll need judging by their remaining schedule — the toughest final four games in the NFL: @PIT (9-3), NYG (11-1), BAL (8-4), @PHI (6-5-1).

4. CBS Sportsline: Cowboys are #7

Pete Prisco has kept Dallas in the #5 spot for the second week in a row.

They seem to be getting it right, but now they face a brutal stretch of games. The first of those is on the road this week at Pittsburgh.

5. NBC Sports: Cowboys are #5

The Cowboys are ranked #5 by both the writers and the fans on NBC Sports’ poll. The crowd (and I mean crowd) at Football Night in America has Dallas ranked #4.

6. NFL.com’s Vic Carucci: Cowboys are #4

Vic Carucci moved Dallas up to #4 on his list.

They’ve found their groove again … but keeping it won’t be easy at Heinz Field.

Power Rankings: Cowboys Return to Respectability

After a few weeks of fighting to stay in the middle of the pack, the Cowboys have jumped back into the top 10 in several of the power rankings lists this week.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are #9

Green has been harsh about the Cowboys, but thanks to the circumstances in the NFC, Dallas jumped from #17 to #9 on the Green Elevator.


2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #11

Dallas moved from #15 to #11 this week in the ESPN writers’ Power Rankings but remain two spots behind the Redskins team that Dallas just beat. Here is Matt Mosley’s take:

Win over Redskins kept their playoff hopes alive. They have a great shot at getting to 8-4. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #11

Adrian Hasenmayer of Fox Sports also has the Cowboys way below the Redskins, but Dallas improved from #15 to #11 in his list.

Most thought the return of Tony Romo would help revive the Dallas passing game, but his presence assisted RB Marion Barber even more. With the threat of throwing back in the game plan, Barber saw a few more open lanes and took advantage in notching 114 rushing yards (including a whopping 60 in the fourth quarter).

4. CBS Sportsline: Cowboys are #7

Pete Prisco had Dallas all the way up at #9 last week, so it is no surprise that the Cowboys are now #7 on his list.

Getting Tony Romo back is huge, but so is having Terence Newman healthy at corner. They are healthy now, which readies them for a six-game run to the playoffs.

5. NBC Sports: Cowboys are #9

The Cowboys are ranked #9 by both the writers and the fans on NBC Sports’ poll.  This is up from #16 last week.

6. NFL.com’s Vic Carucci: Cowboys are #9

Vic Carucci only lists the top 12 teams, and Dallas has not been on his list. The Cowboys are #9 there this week.

7. The Landry Hat: Cowboys are #8

For good measure, I’ll throw in the power rankings of a Cowboys blog, The Landry Hat

The Dallas Cowboys are not the same posse without Sheriff Romo in the lineup. Lucky for us… Heeeeeee’s Baaaaaack!

Power Rankings: Cowboys Retain Their Mediocre Stature

According to the six power rankings summarized below, the Cowboys are ranked #16 on average.  Thus, another showing of mediocrity.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are #17

The Cowboys moved up a spot in Jeremy Green’s Green Elevator this week.


2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #15

Dallas moved up from 19th to 15th in the ESPN writers’ Power Rankings. Here is Matt Mosley’s take:

The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time. Tony Romo should give them a big lift. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #15

Adrian Hasenmayer of Fox Sports was not nice to Dallas during the off-week, dropping the Cowboys a spot to #15.

While it seems insane to say the season’s on the line for a 5-4 team, the Cowboys may be the exception against the Redskins this week. If Dallas loses again to Washington, and with both Tony Romo and Felix Jones healthy and back in the lineup, heads will roll and T.O.

4. CBS Sportsline: Cowboys are #9

The Cowboys are doing better according to Pete Prisco, who moved the Cowboys from 11th to 9th.

The most important question in Dallas since Who shot JR is this: How’s the pinky? That’s Tony Romo’s pinky.

5. NBC Sports: Cowboys are #16

The Cowboys are ranked #16 by both the writers and the fans on NBC Sports’ poll.

6. Covers.com: Cowboys are #22

I should probably not include this one, but Covers.com dropped Dallas from #20 to #22 this week. Not even the 4-5 Chargers or 4-5 Jaguars have suffered so much in this poll

Is Romo ready? Does it really matter? We find out Sunday night in divisional game at Washington.