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Dallas Cowboys Quote Trivia, Part 1

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New idea for an off-season series: Quote Trivia.

The idea is that I will find various quotes and will post quizzes about those quotes.

I don’t have Fred Goodwin’s collection of Cowboys books (see his Dallas Cowboys Books Blog on Facebook or his Q&A pieces on AllExperts.com), but mine isn’t bad. My sources for today’s quizzes are old issues of the Dallas Morning News, but I will get into the books soon.

"We would expect something. After all, we went as far as we did because we were assured of a franchise." Question: Who made this statement?

"I believe that today . . . it's difficult to get the great corner backs from the draft who can cover man for man. [Before 1960] we could come up with two top cornerbacks, but over the years we've beeen unable to do this because the talent has been spread out among too many different teams." When did Tom Landry make this statement?

"Just about everywhere I went last week people were talking about the film, or the book. This included the Cowboys' No. 1 draft choice, Randy White, who didn't talk much at all." Bob St. John wrote this in the Dallas Morning News. About which movie (and book) was he referring?