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50 Seasons Series: 1967 Regular Season Video Highlights

This post is part of the 50 Seasons in 50 Weeks Series.

A year ago, I ran a series of posts featuring NFL Films highlight clips from the 1967 season. Here are two of the links:

Part 1: Defense

Part 2: Offense

Below is the clip featuring highlights from several regular season games:

The games featured include:

Week 4: Dallas 17, Washington 14 (including Dan Reeves’ winning touchdown reception)

Week 5: Dallas 14, New Orleans 10 (in the mud at the Cotton Bowl)

Week 6: Dallas 24, Pittsburgh 21 (Morton late TD to Norman wins the game)

Week 8: Dallas 37, Atlanta 7 (Dan Reeves’ showcase)

Week 11: Dallas 46, St. Louis 21 (Bob Hayes’ three TDs lead the Cowboys)

Week 13: Dallas 38, Philadelphia 17 (Dallas avenges earlier defeat)

The last sentence of the clip provides the preview for tomorrow’s post:

The Dallas Cowboys were champions of the Capital Division. Their appointment with destiny was only a game away if they could defeat the Browns in the Eastern Divisional Playoff. Since the 1967 season was built on the dream of winning the NFL championship, the Browns never stood a chance.

Video: ESPN Preview of Cowboys-Giants

This clip features former third-string great Tim Hasselbeck (husband with a much more famous wife from Survivor, etc.) discussing Brad Johnson.

Cowboys Vs. Giants Preview – Coverage and Analysis Video – FanDome

Remember When the Cowboys Could Do This…?

This was from the Cowboys’ last visit to the Meadowlands. Seems like a very long time ago.

Episode 17: The Implosion Show

In this week’s episode, Gnome summarizes all of the concerns about the potential implosion of the Dallas Cowboys, including the recent incident with Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Here are a few related links:

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WhatIfSports Prediction: Arizona 30, Dallas 26

Associated Press preview (YouTube)

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A Real Challenge: Annotate This Cowboys-Redskins Video

Last year I saw the video clip I am featuring now. It provides a bunch of highlights from the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry, with clips from nearly every era except for the 1990s. It dawned on me that a real challenge would be to try to identify all of the games shown (by year, etc.) and as many of the players as possible. For some parts this wasn’t so tough, but for others, it has proven to be more of a challenge.

Here is the video:

History of the Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

My annotations so far are below. Please feel free to comment, and I will include any additions or corrections as I receive them.

Scene 1 (0:11-0:30): Opening sequence to the Monday Night Football game between Dallas and Washington in 1978. This one was pretty easy. Dallas lost 9-5.

Dallas vs. Washington, 1978

Dalals vs. Washington, 1978

There are a few shots that include stock footage from NFL Films.

Scene 2 (1:02-1:05): This shows a shot of Joe Theismann being sacked by Ed Jones. Other players in the scene were Bill Bates, Jim Jeffcoat, and Don Smerek. This one has given me trouble, but I think that this was a shot from the 1983 game that the Redskins won 31-10. I do not see the 25th Anniversary patch on the Cowboys uniforms that were worn during the 1984 season, and Bates and Jeffcoat were not around prior to 1983.

Scene 3 (1:06-1:08): Bob Lilly tackles Larry Brown in this shot, with Sonny Jurgensen handing off. The Redskins are wearing their yellow helmets with the “R” symbol rather than the crimson helmets, and the yellow helmets were only worn during the 1970 and 1971 seasons. I cannot determine which season this was, though, because all of the players I can identify (Larry Cole, George Andrie, Bob Lilly, Sonny Jurgensen, Larry Brown) played in both games.

Scene 3 of Cowboys-Redskins Video

Scene 3 of Cowboys-Redskins Video

Scene 4 (1:10-1:13): Drew Pearson apparently catches a touchdown pass in this shot. I believe this was a 53-yard score from the 1978 game at Texas Stadium. I am not sure who the defensive back is.

Scene 5 (1:14-1:21): This is a shot of Don Meredith’s 44-yard pass to Billy Howton in a 21-17 loss to Washington in 1963.

Meredith to Howton in 1963

Meredith to Howton in 1963

Scene 6 (1:24-1:27): Mel Renfro tackles #31 for the Redskins. I am not sure when this play occurred.

Scene 7 (1:27-1:30): This shot shows Roger Staubach being injured in a play where he tries to score on a run. I’ve always thought that this was from the 1974 Thanksgiving Day game, but perhaps I am wrong. The shots that follow are certainly from that game, though.

Scene 8 (1:30-1:45): There are two shots of Clint Longley hitting Billy Joe Dupree and Drew Pearson in the famous Thanksgiving Day game in 1974.

Scene 9 (1:46-1:56): This shot shows Ron Fellows picking off Joe Theismann in the opening day game in 1985 when Dallas won 44-14 (and led the Texas Stadium crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Theismann).

Scene 10 (1:57-2:00): This shot shows Theismann being blitzed by a number of Cowboys (Bill Bates, Dennis Thurman, Dexter Clinkscale). You can see the 25th Anniversary patch pretty clearly, so this must have been during the 1984 game that Washington won 30-28.

Cowboys Sack Theismann, 1984

Cowboys Sack Theismann, 1984

Scene 11 (2:00-2:01): This is a tough one. It shows #53 for the Cowboys tackling #29 for the Redskins. Given that the pants that the Cowboy player was wearing are grey instead of silver, I don’t think that this was Bob Breunig, who did not join the team until 1975 when the Cowboys had silver pants. This is more likely from the 1972 or 1973 season, and #53 at that time was a backup linebacker named John Babinecz. Anyone else think otherwise?

John Babinecz on the tackle in 1972 or 1973?

John Babinecz on the tackle in 1972 or 1973?

Scene 12 (2:01-2:06): This shot shows Charlie Waters celebrating a touchdown, which occurred in a 31-10 Dallas win in 1975. Other Cowboys in the shot: Cliff Harris (#43), Bill Gregory (#77), and Dave Edwards (#52).

Scene 13 (2:06-2:50): There are several plays from the Cowboys’ 34-16 win over the Redskins in 1977. Among the plays are Roger Staubach’s 50-yard TD pass to Golden Richards and a pass from Tony Dorsett to Drew Pearson. Both Billy Kilmer and Joe Theismann played quarterback for Washington that day.

Scene 14 (2:50-3:16): This sequence shows several plays from the Cowboys’ 31-30 come-from-behind win at Washington in the opening week of the 1983 season. Among the plays were the 75-yard and 51-yard touchdown passes from Danny White to Tony Hill.

Scene 15 (3:17-4:15): This sequence shows a series of plays from the 35-34 win at Texas Stadium in 1979, including the famous Larry Cole tackle of John Riggins and Staubach’s throw to Tony Hill to win the game.

Tony Hill vs. Washington, 1979

Tony Hill vs. Washington, 1979

Scene 16 (4:16-5:02): This part shows some out-of-sync highlights of the Cowboys’ 41-35 win over the Redskins on opening day in 1999.

Scene 17 (5:02-5:25): This scene shows highlights from the Cowboys’ 27-0 win at Washington in 2003. This game featured rookie Terence Newman picking off three passes.

Scene 18 (5:25-6:00): This sequence shows highlights from the Cowboys’ 27-20 win on Thanksgiving Day in 2002.

Scene 19 (6:01-6:34): This shows highlights from Dallas’ 21-18 win at Washington in 2004.

Scene 20 (6:35-7:13): This features a series of highlights from the Cowboys’ 21-14 home win over Washington in 2003.

Scene 21 (7:13-7:20): The final highlight shows Vinny Testaverde hitting Patrick Crayton on a 39-yard touchdown pass that gave Dallas an improbable 13-10 win in 2004.

Patrick Crayton vs. Washington, 2004

Patrick Crayton vs. Washington, 2004

Another Look Back: Cowboys vs. Eagles in 1977

One of the games I mentioned in yesterday’s post was the 1977 Cowboys/Eagles matchup at Texas Stadium on December 4, 1977.  This game is probably best remembered by Cowboys fans for Tony Dorsett’s 84-yard touchdown run, which helped him to establish a team record with 206 rushing yards that day.  The game was noteworthy for a few other reasons, which you can see in the video clip below.

One note about the highlight clip: on the touchdown play when Roger Staubach hit Drew Pearson, my VHS tape skipped pretty badly, so the play is unwatchable. This clip shows the replay of the catch.

A few notes about this game:

* Play-by-play announcer Vin Scully is probably best known for his work with the L.A. Dodgers.

* Alex Hawkins, the color analyst, was a special teams player with the Colts.

* Harvey Martin recorded three sacks during this game, increasing his total to 23 for the season.  This occurred before sacks were recorded officially, and the number varies depending on the source.

* Dallas entered the game at 9-2 but had lost two of the previous three and had trouble with the Redskins the week before hosting the Eagles.

* Tony Dorsett rushed for 206 yards, a team record.  His 84-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter was also the longest touchdown run in team history up to that point.

* Prior to his 206 yard effort, Dorsett had surpassed 100 yards one time in his rookie season when he gained 141 yards against St. Louis, thanks in large part to a 77-yard touchdown run.

* Roger Staubach threw for 183 yards against Philadelphia.  During the 1977 season, he threw for less than 200 yards in nine of the 14 games.

* With the win, the Cowboys clinched the NFC East as well as home field advantage throughout the playoffs with two games remaining.

* The Eagles won their final two games against the Giants and Jets to finish the year at 5-9.  This was Dick Vermeil’s second season with the Eagles.

Know Your Dallas Cowboys, The Show: Episode 14

Episode 12 of Know Your Dallas Cowboys, The Show: Browns vs. Cowboys Classic Rivalry

Given the lack of viewers, we decided to rename our show from 10 Minutes to Know Your Dallas Cowboys to Know Your Dallas Cowboys: The Show so that we could produce episodes that were less than 10 minutes long. As it turns out, this show ended up being just about 10 minutes long, thus meaning that we just changed the name for really no good reason.

Here is some background information that relates to the show:

Between 1960 and 1970, Dallas faced Cleveland 20 times, including the playoffs. The Browns won 14 of those games, including two huge playoff games at the end of the 1960s. You might or might not know the names of some of the Cowboy-killers of the decade: Jim Brown (232 yards vs. Dallas in 1963); Bobby Mitchell (3 TDs in 1960; 140 rushing yards in 1962); Rich Kreitling (several touchdown receptions vs. Dallas); Gary Collins (same); Paul Warfield (same); Frank Ryan (Cleveland QB); Bill Nelson (Cleveland QB); Leroy Kelly (another of Cleveland’s Hall of Fame RBs).

This series was not all bad news for Dallas, though. The Cowboys pulled off one of their best performance in early franchise history when they routed the Browns 45-21 on December 2, 1962. The picture below (also featured in the clip) show Amos Marsh running for a few of his 117 yards that day.

Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Amos Marsh

Cleveland currently leads the series, 17-11. Below is a list of each of the games, which are linked to the box scores available at

Oct. 16, 1960 (at Dallas): Cleveland 48, Dallas 7
Oct. 1, 1961 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 25, Dallas 7
Dec. 3, 1961 (at Dallas): Cleveland 38, Dallas 17
Oct. 7, 1962 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 19, Dallas 10
Dec. 2, 1962 (at Dallas): Dallas 45, Cleveland 21
Sept. 22, 1963 (at Dallas): Cleveland 41, Dallas 24
Nov. 24, 1963 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 27, Dallas 17
Oct. 4, 1964 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 27, Dallas 6
Oct. 18, 1964 (at Dallas): Cleveland 20, Dallas 16
Oct. 17, 1965 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 23, Dallas 17
Nov. 21, 1965 (at Dallas): Cleveland 24, Dallas 17

Oct. 23, 1966 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 30, Dallas 21
Nov. 24, 1966 (at Dallas): Dallas 26, Cleveland 14
Sept. 17, 1967 (at Cleveland): Dallas 21, Cleveland 14

NFL PlayoffsDec. 24, 1967 (at Dallas): Dallas 52, Cleveland 14

Sept. 22, 1968 (at Dallas): Dallas 28, Cleveland 7

NFL PlayoffsDec. 21, 1968 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 31, Dallas 20

Nov. 2, 1969 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 42, Dallas 10

NFL PlayoffsDec. 28, 1969 (at Dallas): Cleveland 38, Dallas 14

Dec. 12, 1970 (at Cleveland): Dallas 6, Cleveland 2
Dec. 7, 1974 (at Dallas): Dallas 41, Cleveland 17
Sept. 24, 1979 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 26, Dallas 7
Nov. 25, 1982 (at Dallas): Dallas 31, Cleveland 14
Sept. 22, 1985 (at Dallas): Dallas 20, Cleveland 7
Dec. 4, 1988 (at Cleveland): Cleveland 24, Dallas 21
Sept. 1, 1991 (at Cleveland): Dallas 26, Cleveland 14
Dec. 10, 1994 (at Dallas): Cleveland 19, Dallas 14
Sept. 19, 2004 (at Dallas): Dallas 19, Dallas 12